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Up until May of 2014, We lived in a 140+ year old two-story, yellow house in the middle of a sweet little village in rural southwestern Michigan. Our house was very much a farmhouse and so we took to calling it the Townie Farmhouse at times.
We loved that house very much. We spent 20 years in that house, having begun, never finished and redone more house projects than I care to count or financially estimate.
However- since starting this blog- I've kept track of a few of the bigger projects.
 Here are the links to the biggest and best. 

Projects from our Yellow {Townie} Farmhouse:

Our Kitchen Remodel:
Beginning- painting the countertop
Almost Done
After- From Blah to BEAUTIFUL! (includes cost & supplies list- spent less than $650!)

The Pantry
An updated pantry for around $100 (a great use of leftover paint from the kitchen project and a note on painting paneling- use this first)

Our Bathroom Remodel:
Beginning- fixing up a bathroom on the cheap
Overview (Before & After photos)

Living Room:
What we did- a bit of painting
[This post needs updating with complete after photos- hoping to do that soonish!]

The Porch: 
Prepping the Porch
Porch Project
The Screen Door... oh my love
Beautiful Bookshelf for the porch- color pop!

Our lovely three season front porch
Creating A Gallery Wall: [Master Bedroom]
Before.... the beginnings
Updated just a bit

In May, we sold our townie farmhouse because our family had decided we want the real deal- we wanted to buy the farm!
And not just any farm- but my family farm (read here).

And with our new (to us), yet old (well over 100 years) farmhouse, we've begun a new set of projects at the farm.... both outside and in.

Projects from the Farm:

Choosing Paint- bedrooms
Sharing the in-between of Farmhouse Projects

Farmhouse: Master Bedroom
The Bedroom Design Board (Inspiration!)
Doors that Pop!

Farmhouse: The Boy's Room
The Beginning and Middle

Farmhouse: Upstairs Hallway
What a job! [Beginning]

Farmhouse: Library/Sitting Room
A Sneak Peak

Farmhouse: Dining Room
Quick Peak

Farm: Chicken Coop:
The Plans

Keep popping back here to check for new projects- especially FARM Projects!


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