Our homeschooling adventure truly began in September of 2006.
Our oldest was in fourth  grade, our middle in first and our youngest was just a smidglet toddler of 2 years.
Before that our girls went to public school.

Our decision to homeschool was and continues to  be a very personal one. I was not always a proponent of homeschooling. I'm still not a total proponent of homeschooling (in that I would think that everyone should homeschool- I don't). We homeschool because it is what God has led us to and is the best fit for our family.
Are there hard days? Oh, my yes.
Is it worth it? Oh my YES!
Do I ever want to quit? See repeating answer above....

A bit of how we got started:
Why I Homeschool (posted Feb. 2010)
Homeschool beginnings continued
Homeschool beginnings part 3

Here's a peek of what it took to create our schoolroom at the Townie Farmhouse.

Some other interesting tidbits:
Our High School American History Curriculum
A Thursday in our Homeschool Life (a look a what a day looks like in our homeschool)
Hands-on Homeschooling: Themed Dinners

Posts on Curriculum Choices:
currently working on this list of links....
Our 2012-13 Curriculum for all 3 kiddos (with links)
American History (High School) -- with links
Our 2011-12 Curriculum (for all 3)

Our Family's Annual Back-to-School Celebration:
Back to School Night: Alphabet Dinner [This post right here has the list for our 2013-14 dinner]
German School Cones
Daddy Blessings
Our 2012 Dinner and decor 

Homeschool Posts with Great Links:
10 Great Links for Studying the Revolutionary War
12 Great Links for Studying the USS Monitor [Civil War Ironclad]
Creating Cyphers (and decoding fun)
10 Great Interactive Homeschool Links for the Preamble & Constitutional Convention

Homeschooling Documents I've created:
Reading Schedule for book: Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
Weekly File Folder System How-To (keeping track of our home & our school)
Weekly File Folder System 2013-14

Some posts that might interest you:
What our school produces besides good grades
Summer Schoolin'- what we do and why
Q&A: Is it hard to homeschool?

Homeschooling Slumps
Dealing With Hard Homeschool Days
Back to School Prep 2012 (created a weekly at a glance sheet for my high schooler)

For ALL homeschool related (or even remotely related) posts- go here>>> In The Schoolroom.

A Contented, Common Life's TOP 5 Homeschool Posts:
Currently working on this list of links....


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