Our Farm Story

On May 24, 2014 we realized a dream over ten years in the making....
We moved to the farm.

Not just any farm, my family farm.

We bought the farm from my parents.
Who are still living here.
Oh, yes, we're multi-generational farmers now.
My children are the 5th generation of my family to till this soil.
I find that pretty nifty.

My parents are renovating the old gas station building next to the house for a little Mom & Pop apartment. We call it the Little House.
And we call our house the Farmhouse or the Big House
Which The Boy finds kinda weird. 
But it works for me.
And for the record: We all love living together.
Yes, really.

Here's the story of how we came to buy the farm.

This post includes some background on this family farm with pictures of the farm buildings. [Summer 2014]

Here's how we came to naming The Farm.

Farm Seasons....
Summer 2014 (we just moved)
Our First Fall on The Farm
First Farm Winter

If you're interested in how we're sprucing up the place.... it's on the Home Projects page.

Farm Projects
The Coop Plans

Future Farm Plans
My dad stopped hog farming in the late 80's so the land has laid fallow for quite awhile now. The bulk of the acreage was sold years ago (we own approximately 12 acres) but we are beyond blessed to be good friends with the buyers who allow us access to the woods (for fun, hiking, biking, wood cutting, exploring, Christmas trees and more) plus it's my dad's cousin who leases the fields for growing corn and soybeans. So in a way, it's still in the family.
Our future plans are small compared to the bustling farm this once was.... we're planning on mostly being what one would now term hobby farmers. 
Our 2015 goals are an even bigger garden, a lean-to/cow barn, a couple of calves and three to four pigs. After our year of settling in, those are big goals!

Stay tuned for more adventures on the farm!


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