Meet the Family!

Me- Amy
I'm a homeschooling, frugal-living, farm-dreaming Mama to three hilarious kiddos and wife to one amazingly rock-steady man. I write from my heart concerning all that I am passionate about… from homeschooling to Jesus-loving, from menu planning to frugal home renovations, from counting my thankfuls to my love of Pinterest- It’s all right here. This blog is but a glimpse into my every day-ordinary, common, crazy, God-blessed, contented life. {Also known as: Amy W, Mama, The Mrs.}     
My Husband- Mr. Steady
>>> My rock and biggest supporter. The one that keeps us all sane, on topic and in line. He is like deep water, it takes a lot to see or cause even a slight ripple. My opposite! I love this man with every breath I will ever breathe. {Also referred to as: My Man, The Mister, B}

Oldest- Lulu/Ms. Books>>> The fun loving, big smiling, mischievous redhead in the family. This girl right here is my right hand in making this family run ship-shape. A wonderful cook, budding seamstress, fellow lover of American History and voracious reader. She holds within her the most amazing servant's heart. {Also referred to as: Lulu, Lu} In May of 2015, she became our very first homeschool graduate! She is currently attending a local community college on scholarship and is pursuing a degree in American Sign Language Interpretation.

Middle- Mads/Sassafras
She holds her own so sweetly and with a deeply empathetic heart. While real sassafras is used for flavoring- our Sass brings that added sweet flavor to the family. She loves to bake, laugh loud, and has the most eclectic music tastes.... She is the family artist and is often found filling her sketch book with drawings of what moves her or creating something beautiful with a few brush strokes and some paint. {Also referred to as: Mads, Madsy, Sassy}

Last- Sammer/The Boy >>> My boy. The train aficionado and Lego fanatic. My unexpected gift and the biggest Oreo fiend in the family. Be it building a new Lego monstrosity, drawing his crazy bird sketches, or telling a hilarious, whopper of a tale-- his imagination is boundless. His current obsessions (besides oreos) are minecraft, making stop motion videos with his Legos and building a fort with his Dad & PawPaw's help. {Also known on older blog posts as: Mr. Conductor, Mr. C and also referred to 'round here as Sammer}

Our Family loves to be together (a very good thing since we homeschool) . We enjoy regular family movie nights, have some pretty competitive and always hilarious game nights, we love camping, taking vacations to historical places, and going Up North. We enjoy family hikes and nature walks. We love to garden together and make great food as a family. In the last couple of years, we've found we love to serve others together as a family and are always on the look out for next family service project.
Two years ago, we followed a dream dear to our hearts and sold our lovely townie farmhouse and bought the family farm


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