Monday, January 18, 2016

My Fit Journey #7: Accountibili-Buddy

Here's what I realized- I needed an accountability buddy.
Someone on the same journey as me who's making a go of it and would be willing to nudge me, encourage me and share with me.
I didn't want a lot of pressure- not like a personal trainer wanting me to weigh in every day and share notes on every bite I eat- just someone asking "Hey, did you work out today/this week?" or "Hey Girl- #nevermissamonday" and "So, what are your workout plans for this week?"

Having someone hold me accountable made this seriously real. For reference, I'm a recovering people-pleaser. The possibility of someone being disappointed in me is a big motivator. I'm quirky like that.

Post run laughter and lovin' with my Lu...
My Lucy Girl sometimes goes on a short run with me.
I'm blessed to have a friend that was already a few months into her fit journey and was showing amazing progress. I hemmed and hawed about asking her.... and then I prayed about it. I got really serious in prayer about it and the Lord basically reminded me of my biggest problem/obstacle in life-- Pride. My weight and basically blah health were largely due to my own selfish pride and for this to go anywhere I had to begin the work of letting go of it. Ouch.
I asked my friend to mentor me through this. She graciously agreed. 
Game changer.

My friend has encouraged me and kept me accountable these last several months. She helped me reach my goal and we continue to be accountabili-buddies. She not only understands the seriousness of the physical side of this journey but also, and more importantly, the spiritual side- she has prayed for me and with me. Another positive-- I have been able to encourage and pray for her as she has for me. That's some double blessings right there.
And that has made all the difference.
Like I said--- Game Changer.

On Week 14- With my friend willing to mentor me. I decided to get really real with this fit journey. I made it my goal to lose a pound a week. I bought a digital scale. I started counting calories, seriously. Not guessing- counting. On Week 15- I started running. And you know that story. From Week 15 to Week 43, I lost 33 pounds.

And.... Now what?
Where do I go from here?
How crazy am I gonna get with this?

You know what? I'm not altogether sure I know. And I'm actually okay with that. 
I have goals.
But I also want to be flexible about them instead of rigid. I've learned a thing or two about fluidity these last months. It's got loads of benefits.

This is what I'm looking at-
Yes, a main goal is to maintain my weight loss. To keep consciously eating healthy. Drink lots of water and green tea. Eat high protein breakfasts. Limit sweets.
Keep training three times a week (I've found it to be the most remarkable quiet time with God and a real stress reliever). I've also made it my goal to continue the work I've begun in building physical strength and muscle. 
I want to build more spiritual strength and muscle! Whoo hoo!

I want to enjoy more outdoor activities.
With my family.
I want to run 6 full miles.
Maybe 7.
I want to go on a run with my man.
I want to bike more trails.
I want to snowshoe three miles.
Maybe more.

Honestly.... I do have one, really real, big goal and I am going to have to work toward it. If there's one fitness goal I'm really serious about for 2016- it's this one.
You see, as a youth leader I go with my church youth group on a retreat every summer-- and every year there is a climbing wall. And every year I try it. And every year (so far), I don't make it to the top. I make it a little higher each year but, dear reader, the farthest I've gone doesn't even equal half way.
I want to reach the top.
I want to take one of my "impossible to do's" and cross it off as done. I want to take my life verse- Philippians 4:13, and breath it in and exhale it out as I push and pull my body to do more than my mind has told it is possible.
Because I can.

Coming up next: Rewarding yourself for the hard work

You can read about the whole fit journey thus far- just click "My Fit Journey".

Are you on your own fit journey? Do you have an accountabili-buddy? What's one trick you use to encourage yourself?


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