Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Fit Journey #5: Turning 42

So in the last five posts, I've taken you through nine months of my fit journey.
Need to play catch up? Go here and read about my crazy. It's good stuff.

At the beginning of November I had lost a total of twenty-nine pounds.
Twenty NINE.
Whoo hoo!
When I decided to do something about my weight I weighed just over 175 pounds. Well, I should say when I finally decided to buy a scale and step on it.... 
That's only a little less than I weighed at nine months pregnant with my boy.... the most I've ever weighed was right around 180 and that was my fourth pregnancy.
One hundred seventy-five on a 5 foot 5 inch frame.
March 2015- I hadn't really lost any weight yet
No, I'm not kidding.
Yes, I hid it well. Clothes can camouflage a lot.
But I knew it was there.... and worse, I knew I wasn't healthy. I felt it.

So November- beginning of the month-- I was within six pounds of my goal and dare I say it.... on fire.

I turned 42 on the 3rd and I knew just how I wanted to celebrate-- in fitness style!
We went on a ten mile family bike ride.
Oh yes! What better way to celebrate forty-two and my fit commitment than a fit family field trip! [I should add here that everyone was extremely excited about this bike ride- no one was forced to participate.]
It was a gorgeous fall day and we have a seriously amazing paved hiking and biking trail about thirty minutes from our house that cuts through some of the most beautiful farm land and country side.
I will say this though- ten miles was a bit excessive. Eight would have been a better number. That last mile was a weary one for all of us. And I think we all biked it... standing up. Ouch.

Birthday gifts this year.... new running gear.
I am crazy.
And loving it.

My last day of being 41, I ran my longest run to date- 5.9 miles. I think I would have cried when I saw that number if I hadn't sweat practically every drop of moisture out of my body by the end and didn't have a bit to spare for even happy tears. I did grin though. I whole lotta lot. Big. Big grins. Lots of teeth. 
It was the most unbelievable, exhilarating run of my life. Oh, I still struggle part way between mile two and three but those last three miles were amazing. And that last half mile.... beautiful. I ran until my run playlist played out.... just over. Got to the last song and I made the turn for home. Just like that. An hour and nineteen minutes.
It was also one of the most clear headed run

My Birthday Bike Ride. Me & my Madsy.
I think turning 42 has been one of my most favoritest birthdays yet. I know I sound like a broken record- but I feel the best I've ever felt, most energized, physically fit, emotionally fit,  and spiritually growing EVER... and I'm doing it in my forties!
Who knew?
Well, God did.
This was all His idea really.
Thank you Lord.

As a showing of this gratitude that overwhelms me and a way of making another big statement to myself that this is a new lifestyle and not a fad--- I went for a run on Thanksgiving. I just had to steal away for some focused quiet time with Him--- just my feet thumping the pavement, worship music cranking in my ears and me talking with God. Thanking Him for all He brought my way this year--- The beautiful, good thankfuls, the meh moments, the teaching moments, the hard, difficult, battle-scarred blessings, the weary, bit o'whining thanks, the down deep painful gratefuls and the soft whispering hidden overwhelming ones that grab me and swamp me with His perfect goodness.

Yeah, all that.
He is good.
No matter what.

I am undone in gratitude.
Lord you amaze me... and this year, you amazed me with me.
Untapped potential- untapped strength, endurance, fortitude, courage....
Oh. Wow.
Who would have thought?

Gotta end here... I'm a bit unraveled by Him...


  1. You my friend are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you. :) All glory is God's. Without Him this just isn't possible for me.



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