Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Fit Journey #3: Shin Splint Woes

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Having never been a runner ever- E V E R, I started off with a wog (walk/jog) of one mile. It was difficult. Yes, I am serious. I disliked it immensely. Except for....
THE VIEW- my little route was part of a trail that started at the end of our backyard, through our south pasture, down the hill, over a little bridge and around the edge of a corn field before opening up to a wide trail through our beautiful woods. It’s a gorgeous view through and through.

Just a glimpse of one of the views of my run path.... Gorgeous!
This beautifulness was a motivator to get out and go.
I wogged a mile twice a week for two weeks then pushed it to 1.25 miles. Still a wog… never just a jog… always a bit of walking involved.
This (and seriously counting my calories) is how I managed to lose that first ten pounds.
And how I managed to keep the stresses of my life in check. Running was becoming a thing to me. Something I could do just for me, away from other pressing needs, phone calls, emails and my daily grind. I plodded down a dirt path, listening to my worship music, taking in the view and letting the rest just go….
This was a freedom from my crazy chaos that I never experienced before…. And I found I very much liked it. Not only was it a freedom, but I was beginning to realize the spiritual impact that was having on me—I was deepening my walk with God, talking with him as I listened to worship music, taking my quiet time to a completely different level.
It quite simply amazed me.

And then I got a shin splint.
I was in agony.
I tried to keep running. I was determined that I couldn’t quit now when I had made this such a worthwhile habit and was beginning to see physical and spiritual results….
Every run put me in more agony until the weekend when I could barely walk and the Mister informed me that in order to heal I had to take, at the very least, two weeks off from running.
Since I know myself pretty well, I knew if I took two weeks off I wouldn’t re-start.
Something had to be done.

So I bought a jump rope.
Someone should have told me that was a dumb move. The first two workouts were doable and then when I pushed it a bit more the shin splint pushed back.
Once again, something had to be done.

So I pulled my bike out of the garage and aired up the tires.
Can I just say here that my um, bottom was a bit bigger than when I bought the bike fifteen years ago? Yeah, that. I rode two miles that first time and when I hopped off the bike some rather unused and sensitive muscles in my glutes area gave the rest of me a very stern talking to…. I may have whimpered in response.

By this time I was in my fifth month of fighting to be fit. I was seeing the results and I couldn’t quit.
So biking it was… until July came. And it got blazing hot.
I was wilting and wavering.
The shin splint remained….
My commitment was in serious jeopardy.

And so it came to pass that I joined the masses of middle-aged women who own fitness dvds.
Oh yessssss.
I kid you not.

Stay with me ---> segment 4 is Right Here with even more interesting tidbits on how I kept at it, dropped more pounds, lost more inches and so much more! [just a wee bit of sarcasm intended right there *wink*]


  1. I am loving this series! Even though I have been cheering you throughout this journey, I am enjoying reading the extra insight. Yay for writing again, Sissy! :*

    1. Thanks again and again Sis. You're a great encourager and you've helped me immensely to keep going!



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