Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Fit Journey 2.0

To get you up to speed read this first- My Biggest Brave.
Read it? Alrighty then....

It still wasn’t easy.
And I still hated it.
A friend asked me, “If you hate it so much, why are you doing it?”
My response, “Because I like how I feel when I’m done.”

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My First Instagram of the Fit Journey

I feel the need to stop a moment to define my running style. I have dubbed what I do as a “wog”. Yep, Wog- walk/jog. I jog a bit, I walk a bit, I jog a bit, I walk a bit. 
It’s a thing.
When I started, it was a whole lot more fast-walking than jogging but I was getting my heart rate up and my blood pumping.
This was good.

I bought my first ever set of workout clothes-- on sale, buy one piece get one 50% off (thank you Meijer for the bogo)- this was, after all, still a most tender, fragile project at this point- and I didn’t want to invest too much money in something I might not keep up.
After a couple of weeks, I invested myself more when bought earbuds and an armband for my phone and downloaded an app for tracking my runs.
I had crossed a line- I put money into making this happen.

I don’t like spending money on things that won’t last, even if it’s $50 or less. I have a quirk- I am not a yoga pants wearing mama. I always get dressed right after getting up. I just do. Lounging in my pjs on a Saturday morning is a rarity. It makes me feel…. Off. Now, no one else in this family of mine has this issue; they enjoy their leisure wear to the fullest. Like I said, it’s a quirk. So plopping down cold hard cash with a purpose that only exists in running/exercise made this very real.
I think I may have gotten a bit twitchy at this point but I was determined to make some serious changes.
And so I deepened my frail commitment.

And then I got a shin splint.

Stay with me- My Biggest Brave- My Fit Journey 3.0 is next!
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