Monday, December 28, 2015

A Notice of Sorts

Perhaps it went unnoticed…
I took a few months off from writing (okay, quite a few).
At first it was unintentional- I was just too busy finishing up the school year, taking care of farm and family and getting Lu ready for graduation plus planning and throwing a fun and fabulous grad bash.
I just didn’t have the time.
And then the words just dried up.
There was so much going on and so much I’ve been learning and experiencing.
In the midst of an experience, I would think- Oh, I should blog about this.
But I wouldn’t stop to take the time to do it.
And then I began to think about the seasons of my life and perhaps this was a season of quiet in my writing and blogging. God gave me peace about that- so the silence remained.
However- I miss writing.
And so here I am, attempting to put words to paper and share them once again.
I still don’t know how often I’ll be popping on here to share some scribbling…. In all probability, it’ll be just as sporadic as ever.
I’m quirky like that.
Now that we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries- let’s chat…

I’m in the thick of the tail end of My Year of Being Brave.
And it’s good.
Real good.
Who knew that stretching yourself out of your comfort zone would be so freeing and fun?!
I like being comfortable.
But this bravery thing- I think it’s going to be sticking around.
It’s good for me.
And I’m reflecting on my measures of bravery….
Some of my braves this year- cooking and eating new foods, learning not to avoid confrontation but to do so in a loving and gentle manner, speaking more openly and with great sincerity to friends and family about Jesus (I’ve always been pretty open but I’m seeking new opportunities with different people), pulling out of our lovely little homeschool group we’ve been a part of since we started this schooling journey (that was a serious hard decision), joining a new homeschool group, working against my introvertedness and increasing my circle of influence/friendships (still with great care- and not without a fair amount of trepidation), starting a couple of mentorships, seeking my own mentor in a more defined capacity, living through a remodeling and addition project on the house (it’s still in the process and if you’ve never done this before you really don’t realize how brave you have to be to maintain your sanity…), hosting a farm camp for some young girls, growing my little bitty photography business a little bit more (honestly- this is a pretty big brave for me... I'm doing "paid work" again!), letting go of my Lu in bigger ways, saying no and striving to give my Best Yeses (saying NO is a big brave for this continually reforming people pleaser), learning and experiencing the bravery in giving and receiving grace (oh what an experience this has been!), speaking boldly when feeling led to, not backing away from a disagreement because it makes me uncomfortable but meeting it head on, bravely asking God to take me deeper, dreaming big brave dreams for our farm with My Sweet Man….
When I reflect, my eyes are open to a myriad of ways I’ve been brave.
And yet, I’m avoiding sharing one of my biggest braves of the year with you.
Taking control of my health and fitness.

I’ll be back to tell that brave story soon… ish.


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