Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yes. I'm still here. Sorta. Barely.

Oh my…. No posts since March!
Forgive the long absence, please.
Oh, pretty please!

We’ve been livin’ life to the fullest ‘round here and it became very apparent over the last few months that writing and blogging needed to be set to the side for awhile.
We’ve had so much going on…. So much I’ve wanted to share. So much so that now it’s all too much to share!

We finished school a few weeks ago, which isn’t nearly the big deal when you consider this…

Lucy Graduated.
Yes. She did.
With Highest Honors.
We're so stinkin' proud of her!

And we threw a real hum-dinger of a party for our Lucy Girl.

Towards the end of the party.... when we turned the pretty lights on and right before the fireworks....
Lu's Grad Party was a lovely affair... vintage themed with hankie banners, book page garlands, blue Ball jars of flowers and lots of old books.
And pie.
Oh yes.... we had Graduation Pie.

To say it was hit is an understatement.... [hoping to share more of her lovely party soonish!]

And Madsy started driver’s training at the same time we were party preppin'....
And we got the garden in a couple weeks before the shindig. Oh yes, we did increase the size of the garden again. And even added a pumpkin patch, behind the barn close to the swamp, where the ground is nice and damp...

Whoo wee, have we been busy!

Let me give you a few highlights…

We welcomed three new friends to the farm in April.

Meet Peppa Breakfast, Paco Lunch and Abraham Dinner. [Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were my idea… the first names were from the three kiddos.]
We absolutely love these piggies. They are so fun and friendly. However, we are all quite aware that their real reason for being here is BACON.

We also welcomed a plethora of baby chicks to the farm in March and April. Oh yes- fifteen new little ladies of various breeds. We’ve added more Dominiques plus a couple of Easter Eggers (Araucanas), an Isa Brown and Rhode Island Red and two Australorps.

We did some more farm projects…

Such as build this very small chicken coop for the tween-ager chicks. (Since there isn't enough room for 20+ chickens of all sizes in our coop.)

I painted the front door >>>

Both Sides.

The new color makes me so very HAPPY!

And I started painting the kitchen cabinets.... which are still "in process" three months later. School and graduation plans pretty much took precedence over every other project 'round here this spring....

I hope to finish those cabinets before the end of the month.... but who knows.

We're gearing up for another big farm project- finishing my parents' Little House. We'll be starting the excavating for the bathroom/mudroom addition in the next couple of weeks. We're excited and yet not... 
for the new addition, for another bathroom YES! Excited! 
For all the dirt and debris and chaos- not. Nope. Nada.
My mama and I (as well as the kiddos) are praying ahead about our attitudes for this building project. May we count it all joy.

Hoping I'll have bits and pieces of time to snap some shots of the progress as it, well.... progresses!


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