Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcoming the seasons

I am in love with welcoming each new season here at the farm.

Truly in love.
The experiences have been enlightening and delightful.
I am feeling the seasons differently here on the farm. Yes, feeling them. Welcoming them, enjoying them.... With each season comes it's own set of farm plans and goals and we find we pay more attention to the weather and what it means for gardens, land and animals.... I find that I like that.

Sometimes we race the weather to finish projects and other times we pray for it to stick around.... I like that we pay more attention. I like that at times it dictates what jobs/chores get done one day to the next.
And other times, not so much.

The only barn still standing on the property.... Summer 2014 above and then this past winter below

I can wax poetic on farm living all the live long day but I also am very aware of the not so bright and shiny side of things. Of ruined crops and delayed harvests, of animal suffering and passing... I grew up here and my memories of farm life are of hardship and scratching out a living and my dad shaking his head at it all. It wasn't very sunshiny much in my memory. And yet, I also remember the feel of riding in the combine, of feeding a newborn piglet, of riding on the side of the tractor or on top of the bales of hay in the big hay wagon, of standing at the edge of a field of corn that we put there. 
I remember it felt like we were doing battle to be able to farm here and we were losing. I remember long hours and late nights for my dad.... much effort with little reward. Yet, I don't think he'd want me to think of it with all that gloom attached. Because, really Dad still loves farming.
And he loves that we've moved here and are turning this place back into a "real" farm again... and that he gets to be a part of it all. He also loves how my kids love this land and that he has a generation living here that is eager to start this whole farming process all over again.... 
Crazy how this life of mine has circled around back to this place....

It's a crazy I'm embracing.

Same space but now this farm gig feels different. The world of labels would stick us with the moniker hobby farmers.  For one, we don't depend on farming for our livelihood like my dad did and for another, we're a rather teeny tiny operation. We're not self-sustaining or off-the-grid or any of that business. We don't sell our produce or butcher our own animals.... But who cares? This is Adventure! Living out a day dream that the whole family dreams!

We're farming.
The rest are just adjectives.


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