Monday, February 9, 2015

New 2015 Menu Plan Printable.... for free!

I’ve been menu planning for well over ten years. It is my go to for staying organized and frugal. I may let some other things slide but my menu plan stays. It keeps me sane.
The last couple of years, I created and refined my menu plan printables.
Last year I made a pretty plan for each month of the year and shared them on the blog.
I loved those pretty printables!
[And they can still be found here]

And then found that I wasn’t really using the breakfast and lunch portions of it. We’ve streamlined our breakfasts into 3 or 4 daily options during the week and my man cooks big manly breakfasts on the weekend. Being creatures of habit- we have a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes and bacon (or sausage) on Saturdays and our family favorite Coco Wheats with dried cranberries on Sunday. Like I said, we’re creatures of habit and we like it that way.
Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches (deli meats, pbj or Lu’s fancy grilled cheese) or something else we plan on or pull out of the pantry (such as canned soups and canned ravioli).

So I really didn’t need all those squares I created on my printables…. Wasted space.
I started looking online at other menu plans and didn’t see anything close to what I wanted. I decided I just needed to design a new planning page. However, our family computer with the program I used to create the other plans is “in the shop.” Not one to be daunted or to be patient, I decided to forge ahead and create my own using a bit of the hand-lettering skills I’ve been practicing and trying to acquire. [Part of my Year of Brave]
I found it to be an entertaining and rewarding experience. I’m not terribly adept at hand-lettering yet, so I had lots of rough drafts. But perseverance and a lot of erasing paid off and I created something I was so thrilled with that I was willing to share it here.
Right here…. With all of you.

The perfectionist in my finds all the faults but the artist bubbling inside me loves the wonky, off-kilter scritchy-scratch of it all. It’s me to a T.
So I’m being brave and putting it out there for you all to not only see but download and use for your very selves.
A bit of my wonkiness for your very own.


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