Monday, January 26, 2015

Farmhouse Projects.... Update

I’ve been meaning to update for awhile now on a few of our farmhouse projects… but reality and my need for perfection keep getting in the way. For example: the fact that we haven’t finished painting the ceiling in the upstairs hallway because we’re having trouble with the very old wallpaper some well-meaning person pasted on it and then painted over… multiple times. And since we hadn’t finished painting, I hadn’t hung any artwork yet… and that was bothering me.

Top of the built-in China Cabinet in dining room (first post here)

I haven’t shared the dining room because I wanted to hang more pictures and artwork and get those school books out of the bookshelf in there because it looks… distracting.
I haven’t shared the family room because I wanted to do a paint treatment on a bookcase, plus add another bookcase to the other side of the buffet (being used as an entertainment center) for balance and storage, not to mention- hang more artwork and our flat screen tv on the walls.

I haven’t shared the schoolroom because we’re in the thick of doing school and it is most definitely not neat and tidy... it’s closer to disaster status. Plus I still have unpacked boxes in there. It’s bad, people.

Madsy's side of girls' room.

Lu's bedside artwork- She did hoop art & I did the map.

And the bedrooms… I haven’t showed you finished bedrooms because they’re not quite finished yet totally being lived in. Ahem.

However, I’m working hard at letting go of perfectionism and working to only share the ideal portions of this crazy, blessed life I’m privileged to live.

So I’m going to update you where we’re at right now… starting with the hallway.
Because this is real life and real life isn’t about perfection, it’s about learning to live in the midst of the process of becoming. Every room is in stages of becoming and probably always will be. Kinda like me.

Girls' Room and The Boy's Room- Curtains made by Lu.

And if I’m going to really embrace The Nester mantra, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” well, then I should just share where we’re at right now. And tag on “It doesn’t have to be a finished room to make a happy home.”

So I've included glimpses of our farmhouse in this post.... happy bits of finished-ness that make me smile lots. Like the curtains my Lu has made, the hoop art the girls and I are making to add to their walls. Mads' word CREATE. It so fits her.... My home isn't finished and I doubt it ever will be but it makes me oh-so-very-beyond-tickled happy. I'm content here and that's so important to me. I feel like I abide here, not just reside. It's okay that it's taking me a long time to finish things because I don't want to rush this nesting and settling in; this is my process of abiding here.
And I like it.
So why shouldn't I share it in all it's unfinished glory? Show you what I'm enjoying, what I'm working on and reflect on far we've come?
I'm gonna do it!

So stay tuned for a picture-laden post of what the hallway looks like now.
And just so you know.... I couldn't stand it anymore- I hung a couple things on the walls.

This afternoon lighting is so swoony.
That's my Great Gram's quilt, a painting handed down to me from my Grandma and an aerial photo of the farm in the early 50's.


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