Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Farmhouse Projects: Hallway Update

As I mentioned in Monday's post, we haven't completely finished any of our rooms to the point where I can really say, "This room is done." I wonder if we ever will.
Doesn't Murphy's Law say something along the lines of when you get a room completely done you're tastes will have change and you'll want to repaint? Ha!

Today I want to update you on the hallway as this is one of our best transformations so far.
When we started it looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

Once it was this...

Now it is this>

This is when we started peeling that 30's wallpaper...

This is now> 

For the full BEFORE and beginnings post- go here.

Let's keep smiling and looking at the NOW version>>>

Doors open.... no windows in this hallway. Natural lighting only when we open all the doors.
I like natural lighting, so I like open doors. Except when people don't make their beds.
or clean their rooms...
Close up of the wall between the doors.... a piece of painted barn wood, tiny basket and a reminder...
Today is a GOOD DAY!
View up the stairs- green paint is our dining room paint (the room you walk into at the
bottom of the stairs) As you can see- I still need to paint those stairs. Thinking dark
grey treads and white kickboards.

We still haven’t figured out the ceiling but I’ve decided to stop waiting for that to start hanging artwork. The painting of the girl with the daisies belonged to my grandmother. She asked that it be given to me when she passed. She said it always reminded her of my mama as a toddler. For me, it always reminded me of my little cousin Jenny (who passed away when she was three). The photo to below left of the daisy painting is an aerial view of our farm circa late 50’s (we think) when my great grandparents were still alive and running this place. We love looking at the way things use to be and contemplating where we'll place new out buildings based on what once was.

I still haven’t figured out what I want to put on the other walls in the hallway and I’m okay with that. I'm learning to take my time and envision the space. I'd planned a gallery wall on the longest wall but I'm hesitating because I like the quiet, simplicity of nothing right now. Lu has suggested a big mirror on the stairway wall to reflect some light into the space. I'm still noodling that one.

We ripped up the old 1970s carpet on the floor… that red carpet was from my childhood church when they redid the sanctuary in the early-80s. It was so old the underside was disintegrating as I pried it up. Ew. I had hoped to find time to sand the floor and paint it but then our house finally sold and we were all about the move and settling in. It’s on my list for projects this spring (on a day I can ship my people away). In the meantime, we purchased four very inexpensive runners from Menards to keep us from getting wood splinters.
We brightened up the light fixture by taking the very dated cover off and adding a wonderfully bright Ikea bulb to it. Yep, it’s a bare bulb up there. I’m okay with that right now. I haven’t settled on a light fixture yet, as I find it to be a big (and expensive) decision. So we’re still working on that one.

Project List- Hallway Phase One: 
Scrape wallpaper off all walls we can get to
Patch walls where needed
Sand patches on walls smooth
Prime walls
Prime trim
Prime doors (still have 1 left)
Prime railing and banister
Prime Beadboard panels on stairs
Paint walls- Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Paint ceiling- an off white color (tbd)
Paint doors, trim and railing- Superhide White by Dutch Boy
Paint beadboard panels & top of railing- Cement Gray
Finish tearing plaster off short wall (not seen in photos)
Replace and repair plaster on short wall
Rip up carpeting
Sand floor to prep for paint
Paint floor with dark grey porch paint (color to be determined)
Paint stairs- treads dark grey and kick boards white
Replace overhead light with something more in line with our decorating style (and something that holds 2-3 bulbs to give off more light in this dark space-- This might get moved to Phase 2)
Repaint switch plate- Rustoleum's Hammered Bronze
Add a gallery wall on west wall
Add carpet runner to floor 

As you can see-- we are so so close to being done with Phase One!

Project cost breakdown (so far):
1-2-3 Primer: $22.63 (finished can used in master bedroom and used about 1/3 of new can)
Dutch Boy Platinum Paint in BM's Gray Owl (2 gallons- used 1.5): $49.96
Dutch Boy Platinum Paint in Superhide White (leftover from other projects) $0
Dutch Boy Duraclean Paint in MSL's Cement Gray (1 pint): $11.90
Partial sheet of drywall (purchased for Sam’s room and used leftover on short wall repair) $3.27
Joint Compound (we’re on our 3rd bucket) I’m estimating $7.00
Four carpet runners $24.98 (our for now, to-get-by purchase to be replaced in Phase 2)
Running total >>> $119.74

So.... what do you think?


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