Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Laundry Loveliness: Homemade Stain Remover

Long time readers know my love for homemade laundry supplies such as homemade fabric softener and the always amazing vinegar.....
This summer I found another little potion to add to my laundry arsenal.

I've been testing it for awhile now and I'm ready to share my latest bit of homemade laundry loveliness....

Stain Remover Spray

1 part Blue Dawn Dish Soap
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour into a spray bottle and spray lightly onto stained portions of garments, wash as you normally would.

I'm not kidding- 2 ingredients.
I know I was when I first found out about it.

We've been using it exclusively for about 5 months now.
My spray bottle holds a wee bit more than 1 cup so I do 1/3 cup Dawn and 2/3 cup Hydrogen Peroxide. It'll last me approximately one month if we aren't too messy.
It's taken out such pesky stains as pizza sauce, chocolate syrup, ketchup, mustard, dirt, grass stains just to name a few.
And it works.

It's even managed to lesson previously set stains (not removing entirely but lightening them a bit).

I still have my Fels Naptha (and a little scrub brush) which I swear by for the really difficult stains like really ground-in grass stains and blood.
But this right here is my back up. Fels Naptha first and then a spritz or two of this magical potion before I toss it in the wash.

Yes, this stuff really works.
And is ohsovery frugal to boot!

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