Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello December

Greetings last month of the year....
You are welcome here.
I think we'll get along just fine.

Last week marked our 6 month farmiversary.
We had a big family dinner and talked about all that we've loved so far and what we're hoping for here on the farm in the near and far future.

Life is adventureful and wonderful and just down right fun 'round here.
For example:
We rescued a donkey today. He was just trotting down the road, wandering and lost. And oh so very friendly. He came right up to us and nuzzled the kiddos and Nana, who were all very smitten.

Leo the friendly donkey neighbor
I think Mads was hoping he was homeless but he was much too nice and well-fed for that and it was only a half hour later that the owners came calling and took their wandering charge back home.
Nan thinks we should have asked if they wanted to sell him.

And just like that, an afternoon adventure with a donkey on the farm has added the following line to our farm goals: Check Craig's List for a donkey.

I love this life.

Our Barred Rock Roosters, Silas & Seamus
We're planning an excursion into the woods sometime this week to gather greens and holly for the house for Christmas. AND to finalize which tree will be our very first Farm Christmas Tree. 
Did I mention how I love this life?

Yes, it's been six months.... and we're still in the farm honeymoon stage.
I'll continue to enjoy it for all it's worth for as long as it will last.

Oh, we do have our low points.... like when the chickens ate 2 of the 3 pumpkins we managed to nurse along and grow this year. And my prize tomatoes... they ate quite a few of those too. And the raspberries. Naughty chickens.
Or when last week's deluge of water caused leaks in the master bedroom and The Boy's room.... right above his bed. Complete with crumbling, falling plaster. Plaster we had replaced/repaired just this past spring.
At least the porch didn't leak.... much.
Yes, replace roof is on our spring to do list.....

And as for the part about my parents living with us.... well we're 192 days into this three generations-under-one-roof gig and we're doing spectacularly well.  How's living with the 'rents? I'm pleasantly surprised at how well we've all taken to it. Really.
No I'm not kidding. We're a good quirky fit. As long as you don't count my mom's dog that likes to eat our clothes when we're not looking.... I'm not feeling very loving or even friendly towards that pooch..... but my parents? I love that we're sharing this adventure together.

Life here is eventful.... and mostly just.... FULL.
And we love it.


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