Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Closing out 2014 with God's Great Grace

Today and tomorrow.... that's all that's left of 2014.

It's been quite a year and true to form, God continues to always be good.
Even when I'm not!
Which makes me extremely thankful.
Seriously extremely.

Like most others, I'm feeling reflective as we wind down twenty fourteen.
It's been a banner year.... good, not so good, down right bad and right up through to amazingly and overwhelmingly awesome.....
You know- the not so good of starting the year with a house that had been on the market for four months without one bite, down right bad like having your pipes freeze solid for 38 straight days to the amazing awesomeness of having our water pipes thaw and getting an offer on our house all in one day! To the overwhelmingness of moving to my childhood home and the realization of our family dream to have a farm.

It. Has. Been. A. Year, folks.
And we've been blessed to see God's hand on every piece of it.
He's good like that.

We just celebrated 7 months on the farm on Christmas Eve, that and these final days of a closing year, have me thinking on my 2014 Word of the Year and how it played out for me....


God's Great Grace....
Oh, how He provided it this year.
How He taught me to see it more clearly and to give it more readily.
To experience it more freely and enjoy it more fully.

I am in awe.... so much that it makes me quiet. I don't know how to form all the words together to describe how His grace has gripped me and taught me these last twelve months.
I think of all that has transpired this year and I see how His grace played out in every circumstance and I know this was exactly the word I needed to be focusing on this year.
It grew me.
Sometimes I liked the growth, other times I chaffed at it... and I admit to a couple of times to stopping in stubbornness, immovable to the rhythm of grace He was teaching.... unable to, at the time, work with the new parameters God was giving me with this so intangible, yet not quite so, thing we call Grace. Yet He continued on and I was able to get a grip on Him and this process and through His grace I was able to proceed with grace.
It's a process I'm still in the midst of.... and probably always will be.

To say it grew me sounds trite and simple and way too small for all that I experienced this year.

Part of me wants to carry Grace with me right over into 2015. Ah, yes.... I contemplated it. I know that I won't stop learning about and growing in His grace in 2015... even if it's not my one word for the year.

And that makes me smile. I need to know that grace carries over and carries through.

And so I find myself  closing out 2014 knowing I am standing where I had always hoped I might stand-- in the wide open spaces of God's grace and glory, standing tall and shouting His praise. 


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