Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sneak Peek: The Farmhouse Sitting Room

Popping in to give y'all a bit of a peek at how the farmhouse sitting room is shaping up.
Sitting Room.
Who has those anymore?
A Sitting Room is defined as a room where people can sit down and relax.
Isn't that lovely?
This house just needed a room for doing exactly that.
So there you go.... a Sitting Room.

When my parents lived here this was their living/family room. When my great grandparents lived here I remember it as a sitting room.
We've put the piano in here, a few mismatched book cases, my beloved rocking chair and a cozy reading chair.

We call it the sitting room
and we call it the library
and when we're stumped we call it the room with the piano.

Here's what I do know- there's not enough room for all our books.
{I'm dreaming of floor to ceiling book shelves on the west wall.}
The reading chair gets a lot of use.... devotion time, coffee sipping time, reading and just resting.
The fact that the furniture is all around the perimeter of the room and the middle of the floor is wide open leads to lots of great time spent playing board games here, and putting puzzles together and most importantly, I have to admit- it's where we separate and fold laundry.
The piano seems to take center stage (it didn't have such a vaulted place at the old house- it was off to the side in the dining room.)
And my girls have never played the piano so much before we moved here.
Now they play often.... (each self-teaching, thank you youTube).
And we like it like that.

Lu just finished sewing me the most beautiful curtains this past week. They really make the room, in my opinion. I love them.

The layout of the room is interesting. It really only has 2 walls. It's an early take on an open floor plan.... It also is the front entry to the house. The two walls have space taken up by two large windows too. The room is on the west side of the house so it gets great afternoon light.
I like that.

In the above picture you can see what I'm talking about when I say "open floor plan". I seriously adore these chippy painted square columns that separate the sitting room from the dining room. The reading chair was a $12 find at our local Salvation Army. It's got great bones and good, firm stuffing but the fabric is totally 1980's and grungy. I'm researching diy chair recovering and have even purchased some fabric.... just afraid to take that big of a diy leap right now. So it's got a couple sheets tossed over it and tucked in here and there for right now. [Remember: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.] It's working for me right now.
And that big, beautiful, galvanized W? Hobby Lobby. Half off. $15. Love.
Standing lamp- Goodwill.

Here's the east side- bonus- you get a glimpse of the family room. We're using the buffet that was in the dining room of the old house as an entertainment center. I like it.
To the far left of the picture is the front door. I'm standing by the piano to take this picture.
My mom picked up that footstool at GW for a couple bucks. We're planning on recovering it, but right now it's just nice to have a place to rest your feet.

One more of the beautiful piano.....

There's a story to this piano.... and even to that old padded cushion on it's bench.
My great grandparents bought the piano for my grandmother in 1932 when they were living in Chicago. They purchased it from the neighbor lady across the street and wheeled the behemoth across the wide street (complete with trolly tracks running down the middle) to their home. It's an old player piano (the player guts are long gone now) and it was brought to this very farmhouse in 1946 when my great grandparents moved here with my grandmother and her older sister. It sat in the family room where the buffet/entertainment center is now. It moved with my grandmother when she married my grandfather and I have fond memories of plunking on it as a child at their home. When Grandma downsized, it went with her daughter, my sweet Aunt Sandy and my Lu was blessed to plunk on it as a toddler at Sandy's house. A few years after Sandy passed away, my uncle hauled the piano to our previous house. It took six guys to get that thing in our house! Gram and Aunt Sandy always wanted Lu to have the piano. 
And now, it has just about come full circle.... right back in this house, sixty-eight years later.
Still sporting the piano cushion my grandmother made ages and ages ago, because I cannot bear to recover it. The memories are too sweet and too strong.

Middle C sticks.
A string from one of the upper black keys has broken.
It can no longer be completely tuned.... but it's close. Sort of.
And someone took a hammer to over half the ivory keys, breaking off the little curved edge at the ends.
And a few pieces of the veneer have come off and been lost.
But we don't really see any of that when we look at this piano.
Instead we see, feel and touch family history.
Just as it should be.

Just as it is with that beloved rocking chair. The very rocker my parents purchased when they were expecting me. The rocker my mama rocked all three of her children in. The rocker I have rocked all three of my babies in.... It's come back to this house too.
I do believe it's quite happy to be back.

And that is what makes this little sitting room feel perfectly perfect to me.
All that love that's wrapped up in it.

>>> I hope to be able to give you a full post on this room soon. You know..... one with plenty of before and after photos, info on the paint colors and curtain fabric and the lowdown on the cost.
Staying hopeful...


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