Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I wasn't forgetting.... really I wasn't.

A year ago I started (what I thought at the time would be) a year long series entitled, "Embrace the Camera", in which I committed to putting myself in front of the camera for a photo at least once a week for an entire year. [see the post that started it all here]
Um, yeah.... about that.

I'm sorry.
According to the blog, I made it a grand total of 26 weeks.
So what happened?
You know.... a little thing called packing up your home of 20 years and moving to a farm.

I didn't exactly stop getting my picture taken, it just wasn't a priority on my weekly to-do list.
And taking the time to put edit it and put it on the blog these last few months.... well, we all know how well I kept up with blogging.

My 41st Birthday.... Me and my girls
I don't see the experiment as a complete failure though either.
I was able to complete and document half of it here.
And if I look back through our photos.... while there aren't pictures every week, there are indeed, more pictures of me than years previous.
And wasn't that the point of this experiment? To get myself out from behind and in front of the camera?
So, in summary, I count it a success.
For a gal that likes to finish a project completely to the point of checking it off the list.... this was difficult to let go of and get over labeling "undone."
And that leads me to thinking-- My life is pretty much about living "undone," so I guess this is fitting.
It isn't about finishing the project, or checking it off the list.... it's about the undoneness of it all. The living and thriving (and dare I say, enjoying ) in the midst of it. And that- that I have accomplished.
I've learned to put myself in front of the camera, even when I don't feel like it, most especially when I don't feel like it. Because it's about marking the memories with and for my children, not about whether that photo angle gives me multiple chins or that my eyes crinkle so much you can't really see them.
After all, I'm a woman who is mostly coming undone. God has shown me that He alone completes me. Nothing here ever really will. I'm okay with documenting that.

In fact, my year came to a close just last week....
I celebrated my 41st birthday. 

And we took pictures.

The Mister and I all spiffed up for our fancy birthday dinner date.


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