Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sharing the In Between.... Farmhouse Projects

A year ago we had finally put our yellow townie farmhouse up for sale and began preparations for moving to the farm.
We started scraping, patching and painting the inside of the farmhouse in earnest.
We moved here in May and proceeded to paint 3 more rooms.
And then we stopped.
This mama got tired of painting....
and we had outside projects to work on.
and we started back to school.
And we needed to spend some time living in these rooms to get a feel for how to proceed.
Especially with the kitchen.
That one's gonna take some time and ingenuity.

The thing is- not one room is totally and completely finished where I would say- Yay! It's done.
Not a one.

The family closet is painted and the shelves are up but there are boxes on the floor full of things we don't know where to put....
There are curtain rods to be hung, curtains to be sewn and artwork to be put up in the master bedroom.
And more of the same in the girls' room.
And the boy's room....

And so life goes.

And I haven't shown you a single remodeling project on the blog since we moved in.

Well that's about to change- even if the rooms aren't complete and finished and just so.
Because I am reminded of the Nester's lovely, freeing motto: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Which is why I went ahead and hung a couple pieces of the material that our master bedroom curtains are going to be made of.... right up on that lovely curtain rod. Just cut fabric clipped and hung- no frills, no nice, straight seams.... yet it makes me smile. It's just the right splash of color. And it makes me happy.
And that's good.
So why shouldn't I do a bit of sharing of the In Between?
Not just started and yet not finished.... The In Between.

Really.... It's nice to see progress.... where we've been and how far we've come..... Like the master bedroom for instance:

So stick around.... and see what we've got going on in these farmhouse spaces.

Here's one more for funsies.... The Family Room In Between-

Isn't that wonderful?! The first photo is when my mama was still packing the room up. She painted that room right before we moved here in June of 1981 and it hadn't been painted again.... just the addition of a wallpaper border and wallpaper "wainscoting" sometime in the early 90's. She had some wonderful furniture in here that really made it work for her and her style.... but not mine. This was a fun room to redo.
We widened and raised the curtain rods to give more height to the room and painted it a lovely color called Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. The couch and hanging lamp are from Ikea. My Lu sewed those lovely pillow covers and I painted the coffee and end tables with chalk paint.
I love how tranquil this room feels to me. And it's Lu's favorite spot to do school.

So what do you think? Would you share your In Between or would you rather see completely finished rooms?
Do you live in the "in between" of half finished rooms like me? Does it drive you crazy?
Tell me. I really wanna know.


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