Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If you're still hanging around... Thanks.

To the five to eight readers who check in regularly and still believe I can blog.
Bless you.
Finding time to write at the farm has proved harder than I had ever anticipated.
My first job is to my family and following right close behind is being a homeschool teacher.
Those two jobs right there don’t afford me a lot of free time.
And to be honest, when I do have free time, I read a book or take a nap….. Life here is BUSY!
Here's the latest photo of my 3.... the three I spend the bulk of my time on. The three that are my j o b. Whew.

Lucy is a senior this year.
I know.
It’s a big deal.
I’m in the midst of taking her senior photos.
And two of her cousins senior photos as well.
It’s a big deal.
She’s got a great course load this year. An “easy” one too as she worked so hard those first three years of high school. She only has 4 credits she absolutely needs for graduation requirements.... She’s doing two independent study classes- sewing and genealogy. She created her own syllabus and course schedule for each. She’s become quite the genealogy buff and we have to set a time limit on her for her genealogy class or she’d spend most of her day up to her nose in researching the family tree. As for sewing, she’s currently in curtain mode. Making curtains for all our bedrooms and the sitting room/little library. She plans on helping Mads make her very first quilt too. So she’s also “student teaching” which is very good.

Speaking of Mads, she’s a freshman. Having two kiddos in senior high has added more minutes to my school day. I spend a nice chunk of time grading papers and workbooks every day. Mads is enjoying her classes. Even if it’s the heaviest class load she’s ever had; she really is enjoying it. She’s doing Notgrass’s World History this year and loves it. It’s much more intensive than she’s done for history in the past, but due to the fact that we’re history buffs in this house- it’s a very good fit. She’s also taking German (using Living Languages) and enjoying it immensely. We let her choose her foreign language class and she chose German as our family has quite a large amount of German ancestry. Sam likes to sit in on her German video lessons and tries out his new words on us a dinner every night.

Oh that Boy of mine.... he’s in fifth grade now. Reading continues to be a challenge but not nearly as bad as it has been in the past.  Oh, He just loves being read to but doesn’t really enjoy reading himself. We continue to plug away at it and some days it really is a chore; for both of us. But we soldier on. Our key right now is reading the right books. I chucked most of the readers that went with our curriculum and have researched interesting boy type (adventure, madness and mayhem, hilarious, gross) books that are at, just below or just above his current reading level. Our first book of the year was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and he loved it. It combined lots of new, big words with hilariously fun stories. Now we are reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School and the smaller chapters are helping him stay on task and sharpen his reading skills. 

We just started our 11th year with our little local co-op homeschool group. Each of the kids has three classes. Lu is helping teach a weapons class with another high school senior and is taking a multi-media art class plus a creative writing class. Mads is also taking the art and creative writing classes as well as a cake decorating class, which she is seriously enjoying. That girl loves to bake and decorate! Sammer is taking a science class for boys (think oozing, gooey and gross), the weapons class that Lu is co-teaching and a Spanish class. So he's dabbling in both German and Spanish right now! 

As for me.... the days are full. I'm teaching the mulit-media art class as well as the creative writing class to the middle school and high school students in our co-op and am overseeing the weapons class (although I must say those student teachers have it well under control). I also managed to squeeze in a great little online hand-lettering class through Skill Share in September. I sincerely enjoyed it, even with my perfectionist tendencies setting themselves to war with an eraser.... It was my one thing for the month to do just for me. This month my one thing has been photography- both for fun and for reals as I've managed to get myself a few clients for senior pictures. Mostly my nieces. And my daughter. But it's good nonetheless.

Here's to looking forward to my presence here being a bit more.... present.


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