Monday, September 29, 2014

Our First Fall at the Farm

Last week was our four month Farmiversary.
And yes, we are still very much in the honeymoon faze here.
Every single day we continue to be more and more in love with this space God has given us.
I find it crazy silly sometimes when I think on how my heart fought against this for a time.

And here we are, officially in our very first fall on the farm.
It's seriously lovely so far.
Allow me to fill up this post with some wonderful glimpses of fall on the farm....

A few of the Ladies. Yes, that is what we call them.
As far as animals go- we haven't added to the one dog, 14 chickens ratio.... yet.
We're planning on getting a couple of pigs this fall, we've got the fencing and other paraphernalia and we know where we want to set it all up.... it's just a matter of getting it done. We've also got the pigs' names picked out. Yeah, we're those kind of farmers.
We also need to butcher 2 of our 3 roosters.
Because, really.... who needs 3 roosters?!
Especially when they take to crowing in stereo.
At 3:30 am.
And a few of the hens are molting.
Which means egg production has dropped considerably.
The good news is that our younger hens started laying their first eggs last week. So we aren't going without!
Is it silly that we celebrate these mini-eggs? We took pictures and marked the date on the family calendar. Oh the different things we look forward to with great anticipation here on the farm....

The weather has been kind enough that we haven't yet had to fire up the outdoor wood stove. The Mister is holding out for October 1st at the earliest.
I think it may even wait a couple of days after that.... Regardless of when we fire it up, I'm just so stinkin' excited to be burning wood for heat after 20 years of paying for natural gas. Seriously looking forward to the cozy factor of wood heat. And I love the smell of a good wood fire!

The summer vegetable garden is just about done. We're still harvesting a few cucumbers and tomatoes but it's dwindling fast.
We managed to grow 3 pumpkins in the garden. One for each kiddo. 

I'm so thankful the zinnias I planted are still going gangbusters.
I have big plans to add to my cutting flower portion of the garden next year. These flowers make me so happy!

Fall also means cleaning out the flower beds and pots. A task I am loathe to do when they are still looking half way decent but I know it's necessary. However, I treated myself to a few mums and a lovely ornamental cabbage to help me with the transition.

I expanded my canning horizons this year to include pasta and pizza sauce. It has been a seriously enjoyable experience. And it doesn't hurt that My Man can't stop raving about my amazing sauce and having everyone that stops by take a sample taste. I enjoyed it so much that I didn't try my hand at canning stewed tomatoes because I was so busy pureeing them. I made a note to self to not get so carried away next year. My secret ingredient is purple basil. Yum.

We'll be making applesauce soon and I hope to also give making apple butter a go. I must admit that I didn't think I'd find canning such a rewarding and fun activity. Yes, God is good.

The wood burner.... and the front of our lovely compost system.
We started our new compost system this past month too. A piece of fencing, three pallets and some fence posts and we've got us a 3 bin system (new pile, cooking pile and done, ready-to-be-used pile). Lu and Sam painted it white for me.
I love it.

The Mister is teaching the Boy to chop wood. I must admit that it gave me a start to see him swinging that ax but as I watched my husband tutor our son, I knew this was another one of those "rights of passage" and so I smiled, said a prayer for protection and let them carry on. He came inside with a blister and a huge grin that night. God is good.

And this right here.... this is our west field. We'll expand part of the garden into this field and we have plans for a small orchard in part of this space too. Right now, this is one of my favorite views.

In Farm Project news, we continue to help my Pop with his and mom's little Mom & Pop Apartment. Windows went in a few weeks ago and the wrap went on in preparation for siding. In keeping with the look and feel of the old farm, my dad is having wood siding custom made just like the old siding was.... oh, the nostalgia! We were able to salvage enough pieces from the original building to do the peaks but there just wasn't enough to finish the entire building. 

We've got quite the list of projects for Fall here on the homestead. And I'd like to squeeze in a bit of fall flower bulb planting in anticipation of some new beauty in the spring. I have always enjoyed the revolving of the seasons so it is with great pleasure that I view them so much more deeply and it seems, with a slower savoring right here on the farm.


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