Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up

And so it has come to pass that I have indeed taken an unintentional but very much needed blogging break this summer. It seems moving to the country, fixing up an old farmhouse and starting your own little farm doesn't leave much time for me to sit down and put thought to paper.....
And while I missed it, I enjoyed what filled my time so much more so.

We just celebrated our 3 month farmiversary on Sunday and we still (me most of all) marvel at how much we love this place and how deeply it has entwined itself in our hearts, minds and souls. We are, apparently, quite cut out to be farm people.
Who knew?

In the past three months I have managed to unpack perhaps 2/3 of our boxes. It's a daunting task people. Not for the faint of heart.... and some days, well, some days I just don't wanna do it.
So I don't.

In the past three months we have patched, primed and painted 4 rooms, built shelves and hauled three trunk loads of "stuff" to Goodwill. It's interesting how I thought I needed it when I packed it months ago and upon gazing at it now, it has no pull.... so out it goes.

I still can't find my favorite, passed down from my grandfather glass pie dish.
And I haven't even felt the need to hunt up the boxes of living room and dining room knick-nacks.
I do, however, miss all our books.
So we're slowly unpacking those boxes now that we're almost done with the schoolroom.

School starts next week.
I'm not ready. 
I don't think my kids are either.

Our summer has been super crazy and yet simply amazing.
We lived here one month before we took off on a week long urban mission trip.
And then we had far off relatives come and stay for an entire week.... family two of my kiddos had never met and my oldest doesn't even remember meeting and I hadn't seen in over fifteen years. It was the bestest, stir your heart and share the memories week I've had in I can't remember when.
We all promised it wouldn't be 15 years before we did it again.
I missed them 10 minutes after they were gone.
And I miss them still.

Our summer has been about family, farm and food.
The six chicks we added to the flock this spring are growing up nicely.
Except that 3 of them are roosters.... and like to have crowing competitions.
Often.... as in most of the day.
We are currently fattening them up in preparation for a few Sunday dinners in our near future.

We spent a good chunk of summertime helping my parents begin a remodel that will be their little mom and pop apartment. And then we started working hard on the schoolroom....
Which is almost done.
Yes, we're 3 months into this two generations together gig and we're all still getting along just peachy keen fine. No, I'm not kidding. My parents went on a four day get-away two weeks ago and we missed them terribly. We've worked out a nice routine as two generation family of seven all living together.
I was once asked if we felt like the Waltons.
Yeah, a little bit. In a very good way and on just a wee bit smaller scale.

The girls and I have been baking and canning.... putting up the first of the harvests. We've got almost fifty pounds of blueberries in the freezer (we ate about ten pounds fresh!), thirty-five quarts of green beans frozen, and ninety-six pounds of beef (the cow is thanks to the Mister's sister- they raised a few this year.... we hope to have our own next year). We've canned a dozen jars of bread-n-butter pickles and three dozen dill pickles.... with hopes of canning at least a dozen more of each. We also made our very first ever in the history of us batch of pasta sauce. Garlic basil pasta sauce.... made with our very own heirloom tomatoes. I now understand why you call your first batch a test batch.... our sauce is rather runny, but nothing a can of tomato paste can't fix. I made spaghetti with it last week.
It was divine.
Lu and I are planning on cooking down the next batch a bit longer so as to thicken it up without altering the amazing flavor we've concocted.

Summer is coming to a close and we're eking out every last bit of goodness... the sunsets here are amazing, family bonfires are cozy, the star gazing is sweet and the family time seems slower and fuller.
We can't complain.... actually, we continue to be in awe of it all.
I suppose that bubble will burst one day but today wasn't that day and I don't think it'll be tomorrow either.

The days are full.
This is a good life.

I'm pretty sure posting here will continue to be sporadic for a bit longer.
But you can catch me on Instagram in the in between. It's been lots easier to keep up with that this summer than this....


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