Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Leaving, Saying Good-bye and Amazingly Blessed

Ah.... new month, new home.

God is good.
And life is crazy.
And that's fine with me.

We're still getting settled here at the farm.
We got our internet hook up last Friday but things have just been too busy for posting.

We moved on May 24th with over 40 of our friends and family helping us- equipped with trucks, trailers, minivans and cars. We were able to move everything in a one trip caravan of vehicles- even the kiddos swing set/playscape! I still can't put into words what it meant to us to have so much help. My friends even cleaned the old house after everything was moved out. Cleaned it top to bottom! That in and of itself was such a gift to me!

And they didn't stop there- they unpacked the vehicles at the farm and then my friends began to help with the unpacking. A handful unpacked and set up my kitchen and pantry (even deep cleaned the freezer!) and a couple arranged the living room for actual living, made my bed and unpacked and arranged The Boy's room!

The best part of all.... our friends praying with us. Moving from the only home we've ever had as a family, our home of twenty years was difficult. Our friends took this into consideration and as we were almost done with the packing they gathered around us and prayed over us. How can I use my words to capture the feelings of having your loved ones encircle you and pray over you?! Prayers of praise and thanks for the wonderful home we were leaving, prayers of thanks for how God's hand was over the whole selling process, prayers for the new home we were making, prayers for the young couple that would  be moving into our old home, prayers for my heart as it ached- that God would be my comfort and remind me that all my memories and all I that love most was going with me..... prayers for blessings, peace, calm and contentment to be ours....

Dear readers, as I remember those prayers, sitting here ten days later, I am still undone and overwhelmed. How great is the Father's love for us that He would go before us and prepare the way, that he would send a large contingency of friends and family to come alongside us in this? That He would give us beautiful weather and no broken dishes? That I would lay my head on clean sheets in a neat and tidy room that first night and wake to an unpacked kitchen?
That He would love me so much so that He'd be in all the little details that He knows matter to me? Oh Lord, you quite simply undo me.

I cried many tears that day. Tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Tears from just being overwhelmed by the vastness of this undertaking and tears from seeing so many give of their time and talents to us..... I knew leaving that yellow townie farmhouse was going to be difficult but I never doubted that God wouldn't see clear to carry my sorrow and carry me through.

We went back on Monday to get the last few things from the carriage barn, for me to dig up a few of my plants and to painstakingly measure every little mark of our homemade growth chart on the door frame to our bedroom. The yellow house still tugged at me but there wasn't much strength behind the tug. I could tell God was helping us let go.

Before we left we prayed one more time in our home.... holding hands together in an empty, echoing dining room. Praying our thanks and praises for all God gave us in that home, for all we had learned and how we grew, praying for God to remain present there, for Him to bless the new owners and should they not truly know Him- that He would stir their hearts toward Himself.

We took our time praying and agreed together that God is unbelievably good.

Then we locked the door and walked away.


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