Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scarce, quiet and slightly crazy

This right here is my life right now....

We're moving next Saturday and I've got twelve rooms, an enclosed porch, basement and carriage barn/garage to pack.

So...... I'm gonna be scarce here for a little bit of a while.
I'll still be taking my weekly Embrace the Camera pictures but I'm not sure I'll be having time to put them on the blog until after we're moved. The way I figure it, we'll be playing a bit of catch-up  together in two to three weeks time.
And I'm looking forward to it.

Plus, I'll have some more farm project pictures to share with you all.
We finished painting the dining room and it looks gorgeous.
Here's a bit of a teaser for you- a before and in the midst of shot:

I also picked out a color and purchased the paint for the living room and sitting room. We won't get those painted until after the big move. I did, however, get the wallpaper scraped off the living room walls last night. So I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Unfortunately, I didn't take any really great "before" pictures of the living room with the wallpaper still up. And this has been my mama's house for 30+ years, so I'm not gonna go knocking her style or bashing on her wallpaper choices. I will say this though- should your wallpaper begin to come loose in spots, please oh please, don't superglue it back down. Just don't. 

Speaking of my mama, she's loving the changes we're making to the farmhouse. She's gaga over the new color in the dining room and how it makes that beautiful old built-in china cabinet pop! She's my greatest encourager in this process.

So.... I may pop in and share a photo or two if there's time and I'm wanting to but the reality will most likely be that this space will be quiet for the next 2-3 weeks while there's a whole lot of moving going on.

What an adventure this turning out to be!


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