Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I learned in April

Its the last day of April.... so I'm pausing a moment to reflect on what I learned this month.
I'm also jumping out of my bloggy comfort zone once again and sharing in a link up community whose home base is Emily Freeman's blog Chatting At The Sky.

1. Pink sweatshirts can be soft armor and warm hugs.
A shirt is just a shirt until it isn't. After my aunt passed my uncle asked us all to pick a sweatshirt from her collection to remember her by.... that was 15 years ago. I still have mine.

2. That as long as he's reading, I count it good. It doesn't have to be a school book or even a book at all..... I have a reluctant reader and sometimes it's hard to keep him on task and it's hard for me to maintain a good attitude and not get frustrated.... and sometimes it clicks and we make it work.

3. Counter tops aren't made to last forever. The counter top coating we painted on our kitchen counter two years ago isn't looking too spectacular but I'm okay with that. I like temporary fixes and remodeling projects done in phases.

4. I really like it when big projects get done. We finished the kiddos' rooms at the farm this week and the boy started moving stuff in. We're now to my favorite part- the decorating! We're working on some great stuff (thanks for the ideas, Pinterest) for their rooms. Can you say, gallery wall? 

5. A good haircut can make me feel like a new woman.

6. And while waiting is often hard, good things come from it. Every time God makes me wait, the outcome is always better than I'd hoped for..... so, I'm anticipating the beautiful relief when this house sale, moving to the farm chaos is over..... and how it will feel to be in the midst of praising his answer to a prayer that was years and years in the praying.

Linking with Chatting At The Sky and a whole gaggle of other wonderful people sharing what they learned in April.


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