Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 24 {Embrace the Camera}: Family Photos

Yes, I still owe Part 2 of last week's Embrace the Camera post.....
the words are still percolating.
and so it will keep for now.

We are now on Week Twenty-four.... 24
Which ohsonicely included Easter.
A day on which we always take pictures.

Wagners- Easter 2014.

We clean up nice.

My guys.... oh be still my heart. They are spiffy!
My girls- Lu dyed her dress all by herself.... from a pretty white dress a friend handed down. It turned out spectacular. Mads dress was an amazing Goodwill find by my Mama (paired with last Easter's cardi and belt). Mine was a new pairing of some older pieces from my closet.
The money we would have spent on Easter outfits is going towards 30 Hour Famine (which the girls will be a part of this weekend). Even though we're frugal clothes shoppers- the money we might have spent will feed a child for two months.... I can easily go without new Easter duds when we put things into that perspective.

Easter was a wonderful day spent celebrating our Risen Savior with the most amazing Holy Spirit filled and fueled worship service at our church. Whew-wee but it was rafter rockin' and soul shakingly good. Seriously.

Easter dinner at the farm with my family as it also happened to be my Mama's birthday too. It has been ages since we just simply relaxed and rested..... sat down and propped up our feet and fellowshipped with family. And it was so so needed.
We've been hard at work at the farm crossing a ton of stuff off our to-do lists. We're feeling mighty accomplished but at the same time- mighty worn-out.

It was quite nostalgic. My brother made floating islands for dessert.... something our grandfather use to whip up every Easter when we were young. And we had the most amazing egg hunt for the kiddos that reminded me a lot of my grandfather's hunts of old. The man had a color coded map he made each year because he hid the eggs so well. And this year we gave the kiddos a taste of that old tradition. 
The weather was beautiful and beckoned us to sit back and slow down.
And so we did.


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