Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Printable: May's weekly menu plan and a few links to some quick & easy meals

We're not even into double digits in April yet and I'm ready with May's free printable!
Yay me!

Our menu plan here at the homestead is currently a "work in progress"- meaning: don't be surprised if we eat pbj's tonight because we've got too much going on.
This is mostly due to us spending as much time as possible at the farm working on house projects. Sometimes we don't eat until 7:30 or 8 pm..... due to working.
AND-- since we're hoping for the sale to go through on the house, I've been working on us eating from the pantry and freezer in hopes of having less "stuff" to move.

So far- I've cooked up most of the meat from the freezer (exception: 2 big turkeys!] and have had the unfortunate job of tossing a few unidentifiable freezer burned items.... [boo!] but have also used some odds and ends to make some good meals! [Yay!] 
I'm working to buy only what we absolutely need for 1-2 weeks' meals when I go grocery shopping and my mom is supplementing some meals at the farm with stuff she's trying to get out of their freezer in anticipation of us moving.
I am so very thankful for our new Aldi store in town which is making this whole process a lot easier on my pocket book. Running in to Aldi for a few items is a lot easier, quicker and cheaper than the big box stores. I'm not tempted or lured by end caps and big sales and I don't have to walk half a mile through the store to get to the milk....
Of course, I haven't bought any Easter candy either.... hmmm.

Here's a few links to some of the easy to prepare meals we're planning:
Corn Chowder and biscuits
Aunt Florence's mac-n-cheese casserole with some of our homemade Wagner Pickles
Hamburger gravy on toast with green beans on the side [Comfort food!]
Parmesan broiled tilapia [so quick and so good!] with mixed veggies on the side
Sloppy Pizza Burgers with fries on the side

I bought a frozen veggie lasagna ($8.99) when I was at Aldi the other day to have in the freezer to have on hand for that day I just don't want to/or can't go to the store or be bothered to put too much thought into cooking.

I've also been thinking about creating some freezer meals (mostly for the crockpot) for when things get super crazy.... thinking of spending an afternoon creating some from different pins I've collected on Pinterest. We shall see if I can eek out the time and the energy to make that happen.


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