Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 19 {Embrace the Camera}: Trading Chaos for Quiet.... or not

Week 19 was a quieter week 'round these parts.
The Mister and I celebrate twenty years of marriage by shipping the kiddos to my parents for a few days. We had to alter our plans a bit. A get away was out of the question with our water situation so we'd planned a couple of day trips and then we got another "mini blizzard" with freezing temperatures and so it was that we spent our anniversary snowed in together.
It was cozy.
We figured the storm might make us home bound so we stopped at Aldi the night before and treated ourselves to some bacon-wrapped Fillet Mignon, whole lobster and some fresh vegetables and fruit. I made my crab-stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer while the Mister grilled the steaks and cooked the lobster. We ended up with a delicious anniversary dinner for two for under $35. Thank you Aldi.

I was blessed with some large pockets of quiet time over the course of a few days and soaked it all in as much as I could. 
Real Quiet is an unusual and rare occurrence in this house.
I read, I finished my bible study homework, I sipped tea, I watched what I wanted to on Netflix and I just enjoyed the stillness of the house.
Three days was a nice enough amount of it though and I was ready to have my kiddos back under foot.

The night they were all three back under our roof again, the chaos and cacophony of bedtime made me smile. The quiet was nice but to hear the interaction and laughter of my children is this mama's music. I listened as they teased each other, as my girls sang and goofed around as they got ready.... listened to my husband and son talk about important things as they often do at the end of the day- about listening and obeying and purposing to grow as godly men. I listened to my guys pray together. I listened to my son blow his nose with big honking blows that made me giggle just a bit. I listened to the sound of his daddy's kiss on his forehead and the creak as my man got up from the boy's bed. I listened to my girls laugh while brushing their teeth- that sound of mouths full of toothpaste and giggles and me imagining the toothpaste splatter that was currently occurring. I listened as doors closed and beds creaked and lights clicked off and our house ever so slowly went into nighttime mode.
And I was happy.

As much as their unending noise can drive me to distraction it is my normal.
I am very well aware that all too soon these days will be gone and the noise and chaos and cacophony will disperse bit by bit.
And knowing me, I will miss it with an ache.

So I capture enough pockets of quiet time to keep me sane and remind myself to embrace the chaos and cacophony that makes up this very good life.


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