Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 17 {Embrace the Camera}: Temporary new normal

I'm getting a little bit more of a hang of this embracing thing.... or so it seems for right now.
Who wouldn't want to be photographed with such a yummy adorable baby as my littlest nephew Tanner?!
This boy is so happy-go-lucky and smiley! And easy going!
What a treat!

I could just kiss that sweet little face all the live long day.... and for the most part, I did.

Tanner's visit (with his mommy- my sister, and his sister Ree and my sweet friend Rachel) was a very welcomed and extremely enjoyable distraction from our "no water" situation.
Rachel got the privilege of looking on while the kiddos and I took the hose system out for the day (I wish it was a quick as say "taking the dog out" but alas, it isn't). Taking it out and bringing it in is an experience.... and one we are all very weary of.
We've been blessed with slightly warmer temperatures the last two nights and so the hoses have been able to stay out 24/7 as long as we run water in at least 3 taps at night.

I love that even though we didn't have water (the way we should/the way we pay to) we still had our girls day here and we still had our niece Ree stay the night and we still held Sassafras's birthday party the next day.... all in the midst of our "no water" situation.... we just worked around it. It reminds me that we choose to not let this current problem/trial stop us from living and more importantly, enjoying life. We choose. That's key.
Yes, my every day, ordinary life seems a bit out of whack right now but I have determined that we'll accept this "temporary" new normal. We'll keep our complaining to a minimum and maximize the laughter that can be found in the midst of it, as well as count the blessings that are found right in the chaos. Amazing, wonderful blessings that we wouldn't have otherwise....

While I still have my moments of struggling to count it all as joy.... like yesterday morning- when on our Boy's 10th birthday, I found the bathroom sink had overflowed all over the bathroom floor.... I wasn't counting that as joy, but I could thank God for the blessing of the stack of clean towels in my kitchen that I was too tired to take care of the night before.... thank Him for easy access and a quick clean up. I can count myself blessed that it was water from a sink and not a backed-up toilet. Count myself blessed that I now have a clean floor....
We are choosing to focus on the good in our bad situation. It does me and mine no good to dwell on the bad in a negative situation-- all it can accomplish is to make matters worse. Why make things worse when the one thing you can control in the situation is your feelings about it and in that way make a bad situation just a tad bit better? 
Now this isn't to say that I don't have moments where I let my frustration rule the roost, because dear reader, I most certainly do have 'em and  they aren't pretty by any means. However, I strive to make them just moments and not part of my entire day. Sometimes this means I take a time-out and go off by myself to be quiet. I start off with prayer and then I sometimes watch funny youtube videos or a TV show I like, other times I read and still other times, I take a nap. I find I need these times to pull away and forget what I'm dealing with in order to get past my frustration with the situation.
We don't know how long this "no water" situation will last. We'd like to think it won't be very much longer (spring is, after all, less than 3 weeks away) but we're trying to be realistic about it. I'm working to embrace the situation-- much like I'm working to embrace the camera. I won't ever love this "no water" and I'll probably never completely love being photographed  but I can willingly accept both for what they are and what they mean to me and in doing that- I grow.

>>> Embrace the Camera is a year long challenge in which I agreed to take/have taken and post at least one photo of myself each week for 52 weeks. No editing out the wrinkles or digitally shrinking the waist line or cloning out the growing grey.... real pictures of the real me. Along with the photos comes bits and pieces of my heart- written out here as I walk this journey to capture the real me on camera for the remembering.
Click here for all cumulative weeks of the Embrace the Camera Challenge.


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