Friday, March 14, 2014

Updating Y'all on the House Projects....

I've been working on adding links to the House Projects page of this blog and it has brought to light that I haven't shared all the "afters" of every project.
Oh my!
I'm going to try and update those projects posts with some "after" shots but I have to tell you- they won't all be true "afters" because we're in the middle of selling our house and that means editing your stuff. A lot.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, After months of living with it, I like the edited look a lot more than my "family cozy cluttered" look from before. For example- the top of the old entertainment center was filled with family photographs.... we tossed (literally- as it was falling apart) that old behemoth and pared down to an itty bitty entertainment center after upgrading to a flat screen TV.
The photos (and some knickknacks) are all packed away and I miss them but I love the less is more look. This does make me wonder what in the world I'm going to do at the new house with all this stuff!

Hoping to include the following updated photos: 
kitchen coffee bar
upstairs bathroom
living room (include painting shelf & adding homemade art to change it all up)
dining room
bedroom gallery wall

Farm projects:
Chicken coop
Upstairs hallway

But until such a time as I can get around to taking all these photographs, then editing and posting.... well, you should go to the Home Projects tab under the blog header and check out all the work we've done so far.
I'm getting worn-out tired just lookin' at it all again.... whew! But it sure is nice to be reminded of where we came from and how our hard work has paid off and been enjoyed!


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