Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Farm Projects: Hallway- Beginnings

When we have a free Saturday, we're at the farm working on the bedrooms and such fun stuff. We don't have a lot of free time so it's a long haul. The master bedroom and girls room were painted within a month's time but the hallway is taking forever.
Partially because it has layers of wallpaper on it. Seriously old wallpaper as in the topmost layer is at best, late 1930's. And there was 3 to 4 layers on the walls.... and wallpaper on the ceiling!
My parents have lived in the house for 33 years and my great grandparents had lived there previously- having moved there in 1946. My parents never got around to painting the hallway and from the looks of things- my great grandparents tried to paint over the hideous wallpaper with an even more atrocious pink paint in the late 40's. Ew.

The hallway is a major project and one we can't financially afford to do it exactly the way we'd like so right now is Phase One and the fixes are cosmetic. [Phase 2 hopefully includes a plank wall on the stairway wall- squee!]

Here you can see I was testing gray paint colors. The top one won.

Hideous wallpaper and atrocious pink paint...
My Parents one "fix" they were able to get to- a panel of paneling.
Same view- doors closed. Dark!
The Hallway has no windows and so has no natural light. We knew we needed to pick a paint color that was going to reflect the light that would come from open bedroom doors (there are four) and bring as much brightness as possible.
I picked three grays that I liked (you'll remember them from this post) and painted them right over that nasty wallpaper. We left them there for a couple of weeks while we decided on the right one.... this is also when we noticed the wallpaper bubbling up where I painted.
We decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.
And we decided we had to scrape the largest wall (the only wall we can safely completely scrape) of all it's wallpaper.

That was a job.

It also stunk- apparently 70+ year old wallpaper seriously stinks.
Just what did they use for glue?! Yuck!

Looking better already.
After scraping and cleaning up that stench, I did a lot of patching. A lot. Then we began priming. Here you can see I'd already primed the paneling, trim and doors before we tackled the walls.

I don't have any photos of it all completely primed because I was whoop-tired.
And I was anxious to get started with that lovely Gray Owl paint.....

My man hard at work!
What a difference that paint has made in that dark hallway!
We plan on continuing to rip up that old carpet (my parents nabbed it for free when our old church got new carpet in the sanctuary.... that stuff's circa 1970s at least)

I started priming and painting the railing and beadboard panels that line the stairway wall this past weekend.

As you can see- we're still doing some patch work. I got a little ahead of myself last month. Ahem.
A couple of month's ago I painted that first beadboard panel white, like the trim, just to see how it would look and hold up. Well, I didn't like it. Fingerprints and smudges and a couple of nicks were already evident. We discussed colors and the fact that whatever we picked would have to mesh with the green color we'd picked for the dining room right below.
Needless to say- my file of paint chips is so large it's in a box. My man and I poured over the samples and settled on Martha Stewart Living's Cement Gray [MSL266].
This photo doesn't do it justice as the color is really a cement gray and this photo makes it look blue gray.
We're planning a dark gray porch paint for the floor and the tops of the stair treads.

Here's the project list details- Hallway Phase One:
Scrape wallpaper off all walls we can get to
Patch walls where needed
Sand patches on walls smooth
Prime walls
Prime trim
Prime doors (still have 1 left)
Prime railing and banister
Prime Beadboard panels on stairs
Paint walls & ceiling- Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Paint doors, trim and railing- Superhide White by Dutch Boy
Paint beadboard panels & top of railing- Cement Gray
Finish tearing plaster off short wall (not seen in photos)
Replace plaster with paintable paneling
Rip up carpeting
Paint floorboard with dark grey porch paint (color to be determined)
Replace overhead light with something more inline with our decorating style (and something that holds 2-3 bulbs to give off more light in this dark space)
Repaint switch plate- Rustoleum's Hammered Bronze
Add a gallery wall on west wall
Add carpet runner to floor (this may come in phase 2 if its too $$$)

As pieces of the project get done I'll cross them off and (hopefully) update y'all with the progress.

The walls took one coat of Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Plus by Zinsser and two coats of Gray Owl (Dutch Boy's Platinum paint plus primer). The Dutch Boy paint stated on the can that it was a self primer that didn't need separate priming but those walls hadn't seen the light of day in decades and soaked up the primer something fierce.
The trim, doors and railing took one coat of primer and one coat of Superhide White.
The beadboard took one coat of primer and two coats of Cement Gray.

So far the project cost has just been the paint (but we'll keep a running total going as we progress)....

Project cost breakdown (so far):
1-2-3 Primer: $22.63 (finished can used in master bedroom and used about 1/3 of new can)
Dutch Boy Platinum Paint in BM's Gray Owl (2 gallons- used 1.5): $49.96
Dutch Boy Platinum Paint in Superhide White (leftover from other projects) $0
Dutch Boy Duraclean Paint in MSL's Cement Gray (1 pint): $11.90
running total >>> $84.49

So tell me- what do you think so far?


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