Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 16 {Embrace the Camera}: Aldi Luv

If you've been a blog reader here for long, you're aware of my all out love of Aldi.
Now, take a moment and Imagine my reaction when I found out last fall that Aldi was building a store in my hometown.
Oh. Be. Still. My. Giddy. Heart.

It goes without saying that I was most definitely  there on opening day. And I'm a girl that doesn't do the grand openings of hardly anything.... but this was a can't miss event.
We even made it a school field trip! Oh yes, kids were excited!
And Aldi did not disappoint. Not only were they well staffed for the event, they were giving out free carts, free totes and free food samples all day long (I especially enjoyed the free coffee, donuts and chocolates). AND $5 off every purchase $30 or more. Oh be still my frugal, penny-pinchin' heart.

Of course we took photos of the momentous occasion.

Yes. I heart Aldi so much this photo has bokeh hearts. Oh yes, indeedy.

The Boy and I give our new Aldi our thumbs up approval.

My kiddos love shopping at Aldi with me. They are expert unloaders and packers. People comment on their prowess all the time. No, I'm not kidding. I get to stand back while they, all 3, work together to unload the cart onto the conveyor belt- they've got a system- a quick, efficient system that doesn't squash the bread. The younger two unload while the oldest arranges everything on the belt. We can unload a full cart in about 2 minutes or less. The system continues with the packing- two kids unload the cart onto the counter, separating into categories as they go and the last kiddo and I start the packing. Spending 30 minutes in the store start to finish is a long trip for us. I love that we don't have to walk a mile back into a store to pick up bread and milk. I love even more that I don't have to drive 30+ minutes to go Aldi shopping!
Friends have asked if I will change the way I shop at Aldi now that it's more convenient (I've always shopped every 3-4 weeks because of the drive). I'm still noodling on it. It most likely will change since I can now "pop in" and pick up a few things instead of having to wait for a long list and a big trip. Our other local grocery store, Meijer, has always been my "pop in" store and it probably won't change too much since I love to shop Meijer's deals and produce and they're open 24/7, while Aldi is only open 9 am to 8 pm. Since it's closer, I may pay more attention to Aldi's special buys- especially their meat sales on Wednesdays (since we're often going into town on Wednesday for church). 
Also- I was pretty tickled to see a larger produce section at my new Aldi. It's at least 25% larger than the other Aldis I regularly shop. I was really enticed by the fresh green beans last week but held off and only bought clementines and lemons, which were both  on my list. They have a few other "new to us" products on the shelves that the kiddos and I want to try too- for example, we've recently discovered that most of us (3 out of 5) like guacamole and so we're planning on trying out Aldi's guac very soonish.

And just in case you didn't know it- Aldi has a smartphone app (go here)  that you can create a customized grocery list on.... nifty.

>>> Embrace the Camera is a year long challenge in which I agreed to take/have taken and post at least one photo of myself each week for 52 weeks. No editing out the wrinkles or digitally shrinking the waist line or cloning out the growing grey.... real pictures of the real me. Along with the photos comes bits and pieces of my heart- written out here as I walk this journey to capture the real me on camera for the remembering.
Click here for all cumulative weeks of the Embrace the Camera Challenge.


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