Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 15 {Embrace the Camera}: My Spot

[Note: this was suppose to post last week- sorry for the delay]

Week Fifteen of my year long challenge is courtesy of The Boy.
He likes to sneak around with the camera and take pictures when he doesn't think you're looking. This is his third shot after I noticed him photographing me. Let's just say the first two ended up on the cutting room floor.... 

This is my spot in our schoolroom- the teacher's desk.

I spend a lot of time here teaching, grading papers, menu planning, budgeting and paying bills, and trying to squeeze in time to blog (which doesn't seem to be happening much of late). My desk is a big, chunky relic from the early 80's that my husband brought home from his work when they upgraded. I mostly love it. I'm still addicted to using a desktop which makes me a dinosaur but I don't much care (we have 2 laptops but I prefer the wider keyboard and big screen I've got here].
The shelves (there are 2) above were made by Mr. Steady- my Christmas gift a few years ago. I love them.
The note board above the monitor is a thick piece of foam core covered in a burlap coffee sack, made by my lovely sister. It holds bits of pieces of life- drawing from my Sammer, verses and quotes that tug at me, a little paper banner I made and a strip of mustache stickers. You never know when you're going to need such a sticker....
The file folders to the left of the monitor are this month's file folder system.

This is one of those defining spots in our home. Mama's spot. Yes, I've got a few such spots.... I've got my side of the bed, my spot on the couch for reading and watching TV with the family (although I do get ousted from it), my chair at the dinner table and this space in the school room.  But this space right here is quite special.... This is my messy spot. I keep a neat and clean house where everything is [mostly] in it's place and a messy desk. It's a conundrum, as my oldest would say. This mama who likes routine, order and organization has chaos going on here. Do I know where everything is in this mess? Mostly but yes, things do get lost. Every so often I'll clean it up but, in truth, it pretty much stays a mess. It makes my husband chuckle and shake his head. 
We like to say this is where my creativity leaks out all over.

>>> Embrace the Camera is a year long challenge in which I agreed to take/have taken and post at least one photo of myself each week for 52 weeks. No editing out the wrinkles or digitally shrinking the waist line or cloning out the growing grey.... real pictures of the real me. Along with the photos comes bits and pieces of my heart- written out here as I walk this journey to capture the real me on camera for the remembering.
Click here for all cumulative weeks of the Embrace the Camera Challenge.


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