Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 9 {Embracing the Camera}: Tough but worth it

I haven't shared Week Nine of Embrace the Camera.

Week 9 was cold (but not near as cold as this week! Brrr!).
And busy.
And I didn't think about embracing the camera until I was outside taking pictures in the snow at the farm.
So here's me- outside in the snow, at the farm, and close up.
You can see my freckles and you can really see my laugh lines.
I like to laugh.
A lot.

Not the most interesting of photos and I gotta admit the fact that one eye is darker and more squinty-er than the other bothers me just a wee bit.... but then again- this is about capturing me, in every day life living.

Here's what I'm finding hard about this challenge so far:
Remembering to take these pictures.
Asking someone to take my picture.... ugh.
Getting people (besides the Mister) in the picture with me.

Can I just be honest for a moment here? Good. Let's talk about what's going on in my mind through this thing so far....
Background- in the last year I've been to at least five funerals. Funerals nowadays have tons of pictures of the beloved deceased and even video montages of pictures.... and here's where my mind goes-- when it comes time for my funeral what are the pictures gonna be? There'll be lots of pictures of me as a youngster and of my teens and early married years and a few of me with my kiddos as babes.... but the last few years? Not much. And silly me, but I want those photos to reflect a life well lived and enjoyed. I want people to see a mama who enjoys her kiddos, a wife who deeply loves her husband and all that.... 
Sigh. Is that weird? Shallow?
Probably, but it's a large part of the thought process that propelled me to start this project in the first place.... what photographic reminders of me will there be after I'm gone?

As for this photo right here- I hope that when my hubs and kiddos look at this photo that they'll see the joy, hear my laughter and know that I love life and love them very much. I also hope too, say in about 40 years or so,to  look at this photo of myself and see this happy woman who loves this life and perhaps I'll also say, "Wow, look at those laugh lines.... weren't as many back then!"

Go here for all cumulative weeks of my year long Embrace the Camera Challenge.


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