Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 12 {Embrace the Camera}: Celebrating a Day in the Life

Week 12 found me with a horrid head cold and in the final chaos of prepping Ms. Books to leave for an overseas mission trip at the end of the week.
This woman did not wish to be photographed.

The end of the week found me kissing and hugging and squeezing my Lu for a good 5+ minutes punctuated only by a few slight sniffles before saying a quiet good-bye as I headed off with our church teens to a weekend talent competition called Celebrate Life. The Mister and I were the youth leaders in charge and we took off about 2 hours before our Lu hopped on a bus bound for O'Hare Airport.
It was a difficult parting and this mama's heart was heavy that I could not see her off myself....

camera phone photo- editing: cropped, Orton filter without bloom then changed to black & white.

I cannot express to you how very glad I was to be hanging out with these teens, watching them compete and the focus of the job of being in charge of making sure everyone got where they needed to go.... I needed the distraction!!! and this so fit the bill. 
These kids rocked their exhibits and talent events. Seriously rocked them. We were able to take Ms. Books' exhibits with us- she participated in photography, painting, crafts: sewing and creative writing. My Sassafras exhibited in photography, painting and crafts: sewing. A bit of mama braggin': Both my girls received Superior ratings (highest honors) for all of their projects. In fact, our whole group took home 20 superior ratings and 2 excellent ratings. Every teen qualified for our regional Celebrate Life weekend coming up later this spring.

Above is hasty photo op with a few of the participants (that's Sassafras on the right) in our amazing Celebrate Life T-shirts (designed by our very own youth pastor) using my camera phone.... which provides the grainiest pictures. But I won't focus on that- instead I love how this photo captures us just celebrating a day in the life.

Week 12.... the camera and I are now on speaking terms.


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