Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 10 {Embracing the Camera}: Not Alone

Hello Week 10.
Pondering.... embrace means to hold dearly or receive gladly. And I've gotta admit, I'm not quite there yet...
I don't hold dearly to this picture taking thing. 
I continue to be in oh no it's the end of the week and I didn't get a picture mode.
It doesn't cross my thoughts much and when it does, I shove it to the back and file it under I'll get to that later
Getting candid, action photos is difficult. Life seems to be too busy for me to stop and set the timer and I still feel oh so awkward saying to my family, "Hey, come and take a picture of me."
It's weird.
Last week I mentioned wanting to get other people in the photos....
today I mention "action shots". This is an attempt at both.

This right here is a picture of me with another person.
Checked box. Done.

This is my sweet sister-in-law Bren. She's The Mister's sister. [That was fun to say]
We grew up knowing each other but not deeply.

We were both pregnant with our firsts.
And that cemented us as sisters of the heart.
Our girls are six weeks apart and are bff cousins.
This is them:

Beautiful young ladies aren't they?!
We are blessed.

Of all the Mister's family (he's got eight siblings), I'm closest to Bren. Our second kiddos are five months apart. Our youngest are 6 months apart. Her 3rd is besties with my 2nd.... In fact, all three of my kiddos have very close dear friendships with her kiddos. We are so blessed to have each other to weather life's storms and celebrate life's joys. We have helped each other walk through miscarriage, the loss of her baby girl Hannah, and just last year we stood side by side carrying for my father-in-law in his last days. She has helped me in countless ways as I navigate in-law relationships and encouraged me and prayed with me as I suffered the consequences of my own sharp tongue and thoughtless words in the family.... and has always stood by me even when I am the rogue black sheep.
The difficulty of marrying into a family that has known you since you were two is that, well, they've known you since  you were two.... they know pretty much every wrong choice and bad decision you ever made- through your childhood and gulp, your teenage years. That's rough. Sometimes it's hard for us to relate- I think it's hard for some of them to equate the 40 year old me, mother of 3 and wife for almost 20 years, with the even snarkier [yes, it's possible] 20 year old me.... and let the 40 year old stand on who she is now, not who she was then.

There's lots of things I wish I could go back and undo and unsay within this family....
But I will forever be profoundly grateful for the gift of Bren's steadfast and abiding friendship.

Ahem..... continuing on: My action shot this week.... ha!

I asked the Mister to take a picture of Sassafras and I together.
let's just say the photo session didn't go so swell and this is the best of the lot.
Unintentional candid action shot but all the same.... 
I love this girl and her hilariousness. She makes some of the best faces.
She also has caused her Daddy and I a lot of concern and heartache these last six weeks with some bad choices she made..... which also caused us to go to our knees in some serious prayer, which is always a good thing to do for your children. In a perverse way I am glad this girl tested her boundaries and made a few bad choices, as it gave us many opportunities as a family to learn some valuable life lessons.... and for Sass to put her fledgling faith to the test. She's quiet and steady like her Daddy and I can't always read her well and so I prayed most fiercely for this daughter of mine as I watched her struggle to fit her will inside God's will. We are thankful for how Sass has softened her heart and worked hard to right her wrong choices.

I am rereading Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson and continuing to define and refine my prayers for my children. 

How very interesting.... this started out a simple post with two pictures for my photo challenge and ended up telling pieces of my story.... it should be interesting to see what comes up with next week's photos..... hmmm.

Go here for all cumulative weeks of my year long Embrace the Camera Challenge.


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