Friday, January 17, 2014


I'd like life to slow down a bit 'round here.
There are moments when this all feels like too too much.

When I first started writing this post I was listing all my woes.... all the stuff that's piling up like dirty laundry and I just hit the delete button.
I don't want to read that.
And I doubt you do either. 
Suffice it to say, there's a lot going on 'round here and not all of it's good.
But some of it is.
And that is what I'm choosing to focus on.
Good stuff.

Like the fact we've got a house showing scheduled for this weekend.
Our first showing in almost 2 months.

And the house is clean.
The snow outside is beautiful.
Ms. Books has a beautiful embroidery project in the works.
I've got a stack of new fabric for new house projects that she and I will tackle together in a few weeks.
While the Boy still struggles with a reluctance to read, we've hit on a routine that mostly works for us.... which makes it a little less painful.
I'm current on laundry, which is really nice. I like how clean the laundry room is....
While Sass still struggles with writing, I see improvement in each assignment she turns in and she's blossoming in the off-the-wall creative writing class she's taking at our homeschool group.

In one week, Ms. Books leaves us for nine days..... going on her very first international mission trip with a group from our church. Suffice it to say, my emotions are all over the page on this one but most of all, I am way over the top excited for her and this opportunity.

Honestly, I'd like these days to slow down.... I'd like to set school on the shelf and just snuggle with my kiddos. I'd like to laugh and joke and play games and make big yummy cooking messes in the kitchen. I'd like to sleep in and read good books..... I'd like the obligations, meetings and routines to go away... I'd like the laundry to stay caught up and the house to stay clean without having to keep up with it all. I'd like the snow to stay pretty white and my house to stay cozy warm.
We can't make the world stop spinning just because I want to get off the ride but perhaps we can make some adjustments that would slow things down just a tad. Maybe we'll do the minimum schooling and start a bit later, make big breakfasts and try to cancel/reschedule some of those obligations....


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