Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 5: Embracing Photo- Love

Someday.... oh, someday, I'll be more of a presence on here again.

Today, I'm popping in to share my 5th week of my one year personal photograph challenge.... at least one photo/week of me for one whole year.
If you don't know what I'm talking about and/or would like to see previous weeks- go here.

Last week we were blessed to get together with our very dear friends and take our family photos for our Christmas cards. My Dear Sweet Friend is an amazing photographer and I'm just giddy blessed to have her taking our family photos.... while we were inbetween takes- she grabbed this shot of the Mister and I that I just love.
I mean to tell you- seeing this picture just about made me melt.

That right there is photographic evidence of how very much I love and adore My Man.

When I see this picture, the following saying pops into my head:
Grow old along with me,
The best is yet to be.

'Tis true. 
This man and I will, in a few short months, be celebrating twenty years of marriage and I love him more today than I did the day I pledged to be his all those many, many days ago (7,210 days if you're counting....). Our love is deeper, stronger, more fun and more defined. It's aged and slightly wrinkled and fits comfortably. I love just being near this man. I love how he puts his arm around me in church, how he places his hand on the small of my back as he opens and escorts me through doors, how he winks at me across a room and sends me texts just to tell me I'm beautiful. I love our companionable silences and our loud crazy laughing. I love that I can cry big ugly cries with this man. I love how he knows me inside out and upside down. I love how we've learned a deeper definition of forgiveness as we've lived these years together. 
I cannot say I love the hardships we have been through together but I can say I appreciate how those hardships have cemented our love and friendship right down to the foundation.
I love how this man has taught me about God, walking my talk and being real. I love how solid and firm and so very steady he truly is.

And I love the crazy kiddos we created together....

In short: this week's challenge was a lot of fun- especially with the added bonus of embarrassing my offspring. *wink*


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