Thursday, December 12, 2013

Instagram & laughter

Well, I've gone and done it.
I got a smartphone.
And the first thing I did was hook myself up to that lovely Instagram.

I just couldn't help myself.... I've been wanting to do this for a serious while now.

I'm still pretty geeked about it.

And I'm still figuring it all out.
In fact, I'm still trying to figure that smartphone out. The first phone call I got, I didn't know how to answer it- I kept tapping the screen when I should have swiped. Who knew?
Not this girl.
My phone before this one was a slider.
I'm retro like that.

Now back to instagram dishin'- isn't that photo of my oldest and I just beautiful?!
Oh I love that girl's smile.... and laugh.
This photo challenge I've got myself into continues to help me put myself out there in front of the camera. And I love to laugh so this is what I look like... a lot.

After all, life is better that way.

Oh the fun I have!


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