Thursday, December 19, 2013

In which I make plans for a break

Life is very full and I'm not a good juggler.
Which has become very apparent these last few months as my blogging has become increasingly sporadic.

Don't worry- you 3 or 4 faithful readers- I'm not quitting the blog.
I love to write and share too much.

But I am taking a bloggy break (as if I haven't been already) to regroup. I've got tons of post ideas and even 5 or 6 posts started  but I lack the time and wherewithall to bring it all to completion.
I've got a couple of seriously cute tutorials in the works (think mustaches and boy themes) but no time to get it all up and edited.

I need to take the time to step back and do things right.

Here's what I'm hoping it's gonna look like:
The blog won't be completely silent as I pop in once a week to share my 52 Week Embrace the Camera Challenge photo(s).
I'll continue to share favorite links, quotes and whatnot on the A Contented, Common Life Facebook Page.
And I'll still be pinning on Pinterest.
And I hope to keep Instagramming.

I'm hoping to work on some behind the scenes blogging stuff too- cleaning up and streamlining.... I'm teaching myself so it's a crazy slow convoluted process.

The plan is for this to be about a four week hiatus.... we shall see if I can stay away that long or need to be away a bit longer....

Before I go, I'll share the January Menu Plan Printable so it's ready for y'all to download before January gets here.

I may pop in now and then with a quick post or photo (which isn't much different than what's been going on the last few months, I know).... we shall see.

In other news:
We haven't had a house showing in almost four weeks. I try not to think about it.... and we've begun neglecting the super extravagant get in all the nooks and crannies cleaning that I was so hyper vigilant about when we started this home selling adventure. It seems that right now I've lost my *wink and sparkle* about it all.....
like I said- I need to regroup.
I need to refocus
and I am in need of some rest.
The last 3 weeks of homeschooling have been rough. Our family schedule has been rough. My sleeping at night has been rough....
I plan on doing some serious hibernating over Christmas break.


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