Monday, December 30, 2013

Craft Project: Christmas Yarn Wreath

In all the crazy chaos of the past few weeks I managed to sneak a bit of time to deck out my beloved yarn wreath for Christmas.
I did this by hauling all my felt and my glue gun to my mama's house while we were doing work over there.
Whatever it takes....

In keeping with my theme this Christmas- I kept the wreath super simple.
The blue mum flower is more teal than blue.... the photos just don't do it justice!
And the white flower is actually a  bit cream.
Since I was in a rush, not at my own home and wanting to keep it simple- I didn't glue clips to any of the flowers- I just used sewing straight pins in pretty colors and pinned right through the flowers' centers. I love how it added a bit of color to their middles (the cream flower has a roll of light green felt in the middle- then I stuck a mint green pin in it).

The berries on a twig were picked up for a quarter at Goodwill (GW) and I just bent the twig wire and tucked it under the yarn, then I pinned down one of the leaves (in the back where you can't see it) for more stability. 
Now, I thought the wreath needed just a wee bit of something more... I tried a pine cone but it was too big and I didn't want to be bothered with figuring out how to secure it just so....
Then I remembered this birdy (it's
ceramic & on a clip- which is handy). .  I purchased the bird and it's double for a flower arrangement (for my Gram's funeral- makes me think of her) two years ago. I like to tuck the birds in here and there in my home and thought adding it to this wreath brought just the right touch I was looking for.

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Coming soon.... My Winter 2014 Wreath... or a Valentine Wreath. It depends on when I get to it!


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