Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 4: Getting a grasp on embracing the camera

Okay, so maybe I am really starting to embrace the camera.
Or maybe it's the people I've gotten to pose with that made this week easier for me to hop in front of the camera....

This is Week 4 of my 52 Week Embrace the Camera Challenge (go here for previous weeks).

The week started out with me and My Boy and a chalkboard.... 

That's one of my kitchen chalkboards.... I made it from a cabinet door that I bought at the ReStore for $1. Yes, one buck. The frame is spray painted with one of my all time favorite colors: Rustoleum's Lagoon in satin. I rolled Rustoleum's chalkboard paint in black on the inset of the door, primed it and added picture wire to the back- voila: big fun chalkboard.
I should also mention that I'm wearing one of my seriously toasty, favorite sweaters of all time and I have a feeling it's gonna pop up in quite a few of my winter pictures.... just warning y'all in advance.

Week 4 was also marked by the arrival of my newest nephew who we are nicknaming Little Man, so of course there's a picture of Auntie Mamie with him.... but not your everyday cuddle shot.... I love the starkness and candidness of this photo. He's about 20 hours old in this photo and smelling of heaven. I could seriously kiss his cuteness all. the. day. long.

This photo was taken by Ms. Books yesterday and I find that I love it.
Lots. I look like some cooking guru.
And yes, that's my favorite sweater in the photo.... I love me some comfy.
Pioneer Woman has her beautiful flowy blouses.... I have a hand-me-down button up sweater from my sister.

I case you're wondering what I'm doing.... we cooked a pie pumpkin in the crock pot (a la this) and I'm scooping out the pumpkiny goodness for pumpkin pie puree. It was surprisingly easy. We put the puree in quart baggies in the freezer because we ran out of time but we'll be following this recipe for making pumpkin pies very soon. And just in case you're wondering- Ms. Books is the pie making queen 'round here and she swears by Pioneer Woman's pie crust. Seriously.

And so closes out the first month, four weeks, of Embrace the Camera.


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