Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 2: Embracing the camera with an armful of cuteness

It's week two of my one year Embrace the Camera challenge.
Only fifty more weeks to go....

It was a busy and hectic week.... I think I maybe picked up the camera once.
Ms. Books had a photography job and borrowed my camera and I just plain ignored the fact that I needed to have my picture taken.

Until the end of the week and we had my wonderfully cray-cray three year old niece over for the weekend.
Who wouldn't agree to get their picture taken with this cutie?

Yes, at some point in time, I may just put a color photo of me up on here....
But I gotta admit I love the depth and the "hiding" qualities of a black and white photograph.
No busy mismatched colors to draw attention away from faces.... no telling of changes in skin tone and blemishes remain a wee bit more hidden...
And I was able to resist "touching up" my laugh lines.... this here is the real deal!

I added the caption because I could.
And it's total truth! *wink*

My sweet sister is due to give birth to Baby Boy any time now.... in fact, we thought it was going to be this weekend, which is why we have Ree. But no such luck. So the girl goes back home today with the thought that she'll be back again hopefully later this week or the next when that Baby Boy decides it's time to make his debut.

Over the weekend there was a space of a few hours time where all my people had places to be so it was just Ree and me. I can't remember the last time us two were one-on-one for more than a few minutes time. I loved having her all to myself. You can't even imagine the kind of crazy that goes on here when she's here and all 3 of my kiddos plus the Mister are vying for her attention and lovin's. The girl and I played farm, played outside, make banana bread, did puzzles, read books and snuggled. It was a blissful afternoon to this mama who's youngest is now 9.5.
As our time with Ree draws to a close today, I'm thinking on why I was always so tired when they were this age and why so many projects just didn't get done. The kids asked the other day why it took us so long to do some "easy" house projects (like painting) and after having Ree for two days, they understood why....


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