Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 1: Embracing 40 with a Selfie

This is me and the hubs on my 40th birthday.
That's Lake Michigan in the background.
Yes, I took a selfie.
Yes, I find it a bit weird.

Last year when I turned 39, I made a list of 40 things I wanted to do before turning 4 0. The list then morphed into many random acts of kindness. The kiddos loved this idea and for awhile I kept a RAK list but as time went on, I realized opportunities for RAK are everywhere and the kiddos and find that we try to look for ways to give RAK every time we're out and about. A few of my favorite RAKs from last year: dumping all of the quarters out of my change purse and unlocking as many carts as we can at Aldi; working all the 5th Thursdays for one whole year at our local soup pot; purchasing the entire back-to-school supply list for a friend in need and just leaving it on their doorstep; shoveling the snow off the neighbors walk... and on and on it goes.
Our family learned how very easy it is to find opportunities to serve, even if your financially strapped- there are lots of ways to give-- whether it's letting the person with only 3 items go ahead of you in line, or unloading a mama's groceries while she holds her colicky baby, or just taking out the neighbor's trash.... if you ask God to show you ways to bless others, He will.
You don't have to be a millionaire to give away kindness.

This year, the Year of Forty, I'm doing something different and a lot more me centered. Which sounds bad, but hear me out.... I realized as we sifted through pictures earlier this year for the Mister's father's funeral that since having children there are not many photos of me except on big occassions- like vacations and my birthday and opening Christmas presents. Lots of every day ordinary photos of my peeps but not much of me. Mostly it's due to me being the one always behind the camera and sometimes it's because the pictures that were taken of me I just didn't find flattering.... so I deleted them.
Oh vanity....

And I thought to myself, how much I love old family photos.... the candid ones are always best!
And I want my kiddos to have pictures of me marking their time growing up in this family, to help saturate our family memories.... I realized I'm doing myself, my hubs and my kiddos a disservice in not getting in front of the camera.

So the Year of Forty is a Year of Embracing the Camera.
I've read about it on other blogs before and thought it was nifty.... well, no more thinking, it's time for doing!

So on my 40th birthday I decided it doesn't matter if the lighting is good or my hair looks great or screwy or my eyes are all squinty or that the angle draws attention to what appears to be a 2nd chin.... or whether I'm wearing make-up or whatever my excuse could possibly be....
It doesn't matter.
For the next 52 weeks I promise to embrace the camera at least once per week.
Whether it's a selfie or I get my kiddos in on the act- there's gonna be at least 52 pictures of me by this time next year marking life with my family...
Doing the every day ordinary  things I do.

You heard me: I'm 40 years old and I'm embracing the camera- promising to capture at least one photo with me in it each week for one whole year.

I'm thinking I may need some accountability so that's my big reason for sharing it here and I'm hoping to share each weekly picture on here too.... but I'm also hoping that maybe me stepping out and doing this will encourage someone else to do the same.
And I'd love it if you let me know it.... so we can encourage each other!


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