Monday, November 4, 2013

The Miscellany of a Good Life

It's Monday and I've got a whole lotta miscellany rolling around in my head....
so I'm sharing.
You're welcome.

Yesterday was my birthday.
My  f o r t i e t h  birthday.
It was completely wonderful and amazing and good and 40 is looking pretty spectacularly amazing right now. I'm good with it.

My sister and Ms. Books (with a bit of help from my friends) surprised me on Saturday with a birthday tea in my honor with a few of my nearest and dearest friends in attendance.
It was fancy and simple and decorated right to my style and made me feel so loved and cherished and just plain wonderful.
They gave me gifts. Fun, yummy and hilarious gifts.

And the food was ah-may-zing!

Here's some tidbits of what was served:

These were most definitely "da bomb":

And my girl and her auntie made these cute yummy take home treats for everyone:

And this bit of loveliness helped deck out the table....

One of my gifts was a container of Hershey's Nuggets. The container was labeled "God's Promises are nuggets for our Soul" and each nugget had a scripture reference stuck on it.
I opened my first one today....
I will answer them before they even call to me.
While they are still talking about their needs,
I will go ahead and answer their prayers!
Isaiah 65:24

Isn't that just fitting for me? This girl who is daily having to lean into God for this house sale? I know He knows. I know He's got this. I just have to have my heart keep telling my head.

Yesterday on my actual day of birth celebratory day- the Mister "kidnapped" me, we went AWOL from church and went on an adventure together. Another surprise for a girl who's not big on them (but totally and completely loved each one of them this weekend!).
Road Trip!
To one of my favoritest Up North places.... a bit of shopping, a walk on a deserted Lake Michigan beach, a few Petoskey stones, a hike on the bluffs by the Lake, gazed upon a most lovely sunset, enjoyed some yummy coffee and good food. But mostly just a day away from it all with My Man. Just us and some quiet.
Good stuff.

Here's a gander at that gorgeous sunset>>>

And the fun continues on today! Today is my Sweet Man's birthday. Yes, Mr. Steady and I are birthday buddies.... isn't it just the sweetest!?!
The kiddos and I are making his favorite birthday supper tonight.
Mr. Steady's favorite pork chops, dirty mashed potatoes, steamed green beans....

This is such a very good life!

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