Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Limitless Gratitude

I started toting up my thankfuls when Ann Voskamp first wrote about them on CWO (Christian Women Online) way back in 2006…

I figure I’ve written well over 5000 things to be thankful for…. I stopped counting in my thankful journals and just keep jotting thanks without thought to the numbers.

On this blog I toted up 2050 and then stopped. I didn’t mean to stop, it just happened. The list keeps growing here at home in the journals but it’s been quiet on the blog….

And I find I miss it just a bit.

So I’m going to start sharing my thanks in the quiet spaces here again. It’ll most likely be sporadic, as all my postings have been the last few months but it will all be good.
And good is where it’s at.

Apples, apples and more apples… all for free from my mother-in-law’s tree
Making applesauce, apple pie filling, apple donuts, apple crumb cake, apple pie
The smells of fall
Sassafras learning to sew
Talking with my 3 year old niece Ree on the phone
Ms. Books “student teaching” in our homeschool group
Hilarious creative writing projects with my homeschool group class
My children hardly ever whine (I know! I’m blessed)
My amazing husband who just keeps on keepin’ on & making this life work for all of us
The relationship between My Mister and My Boy
People saying my girls look like me
Sassafras’ grown in inches and her walk with Christ
The Mister’s work with men’s ministry at our church
How God is growing and testing me
Being 40
Bouquets of colored leaves on the table
Learning in the midst of waiting
My new great niece born today
The expectancy… my sister three weeks from her due date with a baby boy
Farm dreaming continues
Working on projects with my Man- side  by side
The sweet gifts of true friendships
a canister of sweet chocolates
Our funny chickens
Farm fresh eggs
The beautiful arms wide open hospitality of a dear cousin and family
The Boy’s amazing LEGO creations
Salted caramel coffee
Hilarious birthday cards
Homemade birthday cards… the Boy wrote in cursive!
Cooking for my family
Cooking WITH my family
Dinner table conversations
Still singing that lullaby to my baby…. Almost 10 years later
Quiet, simple quiet


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