Monday, November 25, 2013

Homeschooling slumps....

When I first started homeschooling, I learned that November and February are the hardest months to keep on keepin' on in this adventure.
Some call it the mid-semester slump, other's attribute it to the weather....
Bottom line is these are the toughest months of the year for most homeschoolers.

This post at Simple Homeschool sums it up quite well.

Now, our first year was pretty wonderful (having come off four years in the public school system) and so I thought, perhaps, just maybe, our homeschool would be immune to this.
Our 2nd year was really great too.... I had heard other homeschool mamas talk about this- especially the month of February and I took it to heart and was proactive on making sure we had fun projects and such...... and I thought we were still immune to this "sickness".


Last year November was a trial. A couple of my students (no names) shirked a few assignments and we had to take time to back track and redo some things....
But we got ourselves back on track and enjoyed a nice two week Christmas break that seemed to refuel and rejuvenate our little homeschool.

And then February rolled around.
And mama got the mid-winter, not enough sunshine blues.
And the kids (still nameless) shirked a few more (more important) assignments.
And somebody cheated on a test.
And mama about fell apart.
February was brutal.

We took a three day break the beginning of March to put the wind back in our sails.
It worked and schooling moved on.
We survived.

But I so much want to do more than survive the November/February Homeschool-itis. 
So we decided to be proactive and started with the November Slump.
We're taking a week off of "regular" school.

You may be thinking: What does that look like?
Great question!
Instead of a regular week full of our regular subjects, we're catching up on some assignments that are bit behind due to changes in the family schedule etc. That means Mr. Conductor did a math lesson today that we skipped last week and Ms. Books finished up some work on a big project and Sassafras completed a couple of science experiments we set aside for a "down" week.
And we all slept in. 
On a Monday that right there is bliss.

We're planning some baking, and Christmas movie watching, and some Christmas crafting. Both girls have checked out a couple of books from the library that they've been dying to have time to read and all 3 are listening to a Percy Jackson audio book.

Basically, we're having a slow week. A week to catch up on projects that we haven't been able to get to..... a week to do somethings we each enjoy doing but haven't really had time for.... a week to recoop, reconnect, rest, recharge, rejuvenate and slow all this busy-ness down for a bit.

We know that not only will our school will be the better for it, but our family will be better off.

So here's to sleeping in, reading good books while wrapped in cozy blankets, catching up on the laundry, playing lots of board games, baking some yummy goodness and just enjoying each other. 
A week to enjoy and live thankful. As a family.


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