Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Farmhouse Master: Doors that go POP!

I did something wonderfully daring at the Farmhouse this past weekend.
I painted a door.
Actually two doors.

What's so daring about that, right?!
Color, friends. Color.

I decided, on a bit of whim, to paint the closet door in the soon to be Master bedroom a lovely blue/green color.
This is big for me folks. Big.

And that door looked so good I painted the other bedroom door.
I love how it looks with those Moonshine colored walls... such a nice, happy, punchy zing of color!

Ohbestillmyheart.... do I love it. LOVE it.
That blue on those doors is just the bit of POP I wanted.
I'm giddy 'bout it, friends. Straight up giddy.

Alrighty- let's review where we're at on this room.
First came the color testing on the walls.... in which we picked the lovely Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.
Then we actually painted those green walls and created our Project List.
And a design board.

The original project list had us painting the doors Superhide White.... which is lovely. In fact, the outside of the doors (that face the hallway) will be painted that lovely shade (or will they? Hmmm).

Instead- I found a great paint chip on an otherwise fruitless trip to Lowes. Valspar's Blue Lagoon. I purchased a quart of it in semi gloss (Valspar's color but I used Dutch Boy paint. What can I say, we're partial to Menards and that lovely Dutch Boy paint).

Farmhouse Master Project List:
Take down duck wall border
Move out my mama's furniture and wall art
Remove and replace bamboo looking mini blinds with white shades
Prime walls
Prime doors
Paint walls- Moonshine by Benjamin Moore
Touch up trim (where needed)- Superhide White by Dutch Boy
Paint doors- Blue Lagoon by Valspar
Hang curtains (made by Ms. Books) higher on wall above windows
Add wall mounted lights to left and right of west window (this is where the bed is going to be)
Replace overhead light with something more in line with our decorating style (need to make a decision whether we want a fan light or not)
Add a gallery wall on east wall
Replace off white light sockets and switch plates with white ones
Add an 8x10 area rug in fun colors to floor

We managed to only knock two things off the list this time. But they're items that bring punch to the room and make me smile. [Besides the doors, we changed out all the light sockets and switch plates- from off white, to white].

Oh, but I did do one more thing- I spray painted the hinges and the door knob plates with Rustoleum's Hammered Bronze spray paint. I used this spray paint for the hardware in our [now] kitchen and have fallen in love with it.
I love how the color makes another layer of pop on the door.... and I love that old crackled white door knob. I also love Rustoleum's Hammered Silver  and I went back and forth between the two (especially since we're adding silver colored lights by the bed) but I just loved how the darker bronze set off the door. And who says I can't mix up my metals in this room? No one! Yay, me for being decisive with what I liked.

The doors took two coats of paint and I've got quite a bit left over in the can. Of course, I'm on the look-out for the next thing I can paint with that little bit of bluesy green wonderfulness. I'll keep you posted.

So far the project cost continues to [mostly] be the paint (we're keeping a running total going as we progress)....

Project cost breakdown/running total:
1-2-3 Primer: $22.63 (sale!)
Dutch Boy Refresh Paint in BM's Moonshine (1 gallon in eggshell): $25.45
Dutch Boy Refresh Paint in Valspar's Blue Lagoon (1 quart in semi gloss): $12.61
Switch/plug in covers (we had 4 on hand- needed 6): $0.98
running total >>> $61.67

And should also mention this....
my girls painted their closet door with chalkboard paint.

More photos of that will be coming as we continue to create fun in their room!


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