Monday, November 25, 2013

Embracing Week Three.... me and the camera

This week I have two photos!
T W O. 2.

This is my attempt at a selfie using the camera timer>>>

This week I'm embracing this photo challenge thing a bit more.... it's still difficult for me to stop and make time for pictures because it seems so foreign to me and just a bit frivolous.... but I'm am embracing what I see in the pictures.... this me that I'm capturing.
I have learned over the years to embrace my big grin. In fact, it's one of the things people remark on the most about me.... my big smile. So this is me.... sitting on my kitchen floor and smiling  big for the camera.

And because sooner or later I have to step forward and embrace a colored photo for this challenge- I decided I should just cross that off my to-do list.

I used Picmonkey to mess with this photo. My eye crinkles and laugh lines are still there- I've promised myself I won't erase my wrinkles for this 52 week long challenge or try and edit that creeping second chin.... [however, I will try for the most flattering shots that minimize chin no. 2!]

Here's what I did with this photo: cropped, boosted the color a bit then layered on the "tranquil" effect at 25% and followed that up with the Orton effect (bloom & brightness at 50%, fade at 60%). Orton evened out my skin tone and gave it all a nice glow.

And get this- I've already got Week 4's picture done! Ms. Books took a fun shot of The Boy and I that I'll share later this week. One thing I very much want to do with this project is get more pictures of me and my peeps. Photos of me and my kiddos, me and the Mister, me and my sibs, me and my mama.... me and some of my besties.... you get the idea. I think I really want to see pictures of me living life with those I love- photos that reflect us being us. Resorting to selfies will probably happen here and there because I'll forget to take pictures or I'll be to shy/embarressed to ask someone- hey, let's take our picture!
Yes, that right there is a biggie for me. To come right out and say I want to be in the picture. To say, "I want a picture of us." or "Hey, let me get in that picture!" Yeah, it sounds kinda dumb typing it here but this is me admitting to what might possibly be my biggest hang up about this whole challenge.....
Guess we'll see where that leads these remaining 49 weeks. 

The rest of this series is right here: Embracing the Camera: A 52 Week Challenge.


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